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Post by Steven Bontempi on June 28, 2015

The lecturer notes that the selection would be by Corelli.  It is not a Corelli piece, but instead a Vivaldi piece.


  • Big development for the times
  • Concerto grosso: piece featuring a few instruments with alternating orchestra sections
  • Concertino: solo group
  • Ripieno: rest of orchestra
  • Ripieno concerto: concerto for whole orchestra
  • Solo concerto; popularized by Vivaldi in 3-movement form featuring one person
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqbv9cPyBfs


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  • Intro 0:00
  • What is a Concerto Grosso? Is it Gross? 0:52
    • Definition Concerto Grosso
    • Concertino: Small Group of Solo Instruments
    • Ripieno: Orchestra
    • Important for Developing Instruments as Stand-Alone Musical Entity
    • Corelli, Torelli, Vivaldi, Handel, J.S. Bach
  • Let's Break it Down 2:43
    • Concertino: Solo Group of a Handful of Instruments (Normally Violins, Bass)
    • Ripieno: Full String Orchestra, Accompanimet
    • Soloists were Members of the Orchestra
    • Alternates Between Ripieno and Concertino Sections
    • Ripieno Sections Often Repeated
    • Example of Concerto Grosso: Corelli
  • Ripieno Concerto 5:49
    • No Hierarchy of Soloist and Accompaniment
    • Very Homophonic
    • Increased Use of Imitation, Counterpoint, and Canons
    • Example of Ripieno Concert: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by J.S. Bach
  • Solo Concerto 9:16
    • One Person is the Soloist
    • At First, Wasn't Popular
    • Soloist is the Star
    • Orchestra Serves to Backup the Star
    • Example of Solo Concerto: Four Seasons by Vivaldi
  • Vivaldi and Form 12:32
    • Became Known as the Concerto King of 1700s
    • Developed a Three Movement Structure
    • First Movement: Fast
    • Second Movement: Slow
    • Third Movement: Fast
    • Soloist: Violin, Flute, Trumpet, Harpsichord, Cello
    • Well-Known Opera Composer
    • Used Driving Rhythms
    • Used Sequences to Extend Phrases
  • Big Review 16:13
    • Concerto Launched
    • Concerto Grosso
    • Ripieno Concerto
    • Solo Concert
    • Concerto Grosso: Corelli Influenced by Gabrielli
    • Ripieno: Bach Influenced by Corelli
    • Solo: Vivaldi Influenced by Corelli and Opera
    • It's All Connected
    • What is a Sequence?
    • What is the Name of the Solo Group in a Concerto Grosso?