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Adobe Edge Animate CC is powerful software that allows you to develop high-end motion graphics and visual effects for your webpage. Highly experienced instructor Chris Grover will help you import graphics, add web fonts, and make exciting animated effects all within Edge Animate. Along the way, you will learn about different web languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. By the end of the course, you will have all the skills needed to build your own slideshow gallery, animated logos, rollover buttons, and much more. Chris graduated from Emerson College and has over 25 years of experience working as a technical writer, advertising copywriter, and product publicist. He is also an established author of many training manual books that cover everything from Adobe software to Microsoft Office.

Table of Contents

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I. Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate

  Exploring Animate 12:30
  Workspace 5:14
  Examine Files 7:40
  Building an Animation 6:53

II. Creating & Animating Artwork

  Creating Elements with Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle an Ellipse Tools 10:46
  Changing Position and Size Properties 5:24
  Choosing Colors and Gradients 8:01
  Applying Shadows and Filters to Elements 4:49
  Changing Properties over Time with Keyframes 4:56
  Moving and Transforming Elements 5:19
  Using the Ruler and Guidelines on the Stage 3:23
  Arranging, Aligning and Distributing Elements on the Stage 3:49
  Importing Elements from Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks 15:08
  Using Keyframes to Build an Automated Slideshow 11:54

III. Working with Text

  Adding Text with the IME Box 4:13
  Changing Text Properties: font-family, font-size, font-style, color 4:10
  Using Web Fonts 4:57
  Moving and Transforming a Headline 14:11
  Add Easing for Realistic Motion 6:22
  Adding Links to Text 4:48

IV. Using Animate's Timeline

  Exploring the Timeline, Elements, Properties, Playhead and Transitions 10:23
  Timeline Controls: Setting the Playhead and Pin 9:47
  Using Timeline Labels to Animate a Filmstrip 6:25
  Keyboard Shortcuts for the Timeline 2:43

V. Adding Trigger & Actions

  Actions Panel: Creating a Trigger and Action 7:43
  Inserting Timeline Triggers 3:04
  Adding Triggers for Smart Phones and Tablets 9:59

VI. Working with Motion Options

  Understanding X,Y Motion 8:21
  Using and Modifying a Motion Path 6:22
  Swapping Images in a Transition 2:55
  Auto-Orienting Elements to the Motion Path 1:11

VII. Creating & Using Symbols

  Why Do You Use Animate Symbols? 10:04
  Controlling a Symbol's Independent Timeline 8:18
  Nesting One Symbols inside of Another 7:34
  Building Buttons with Symbols 9:48
  Building a Drop-Down Menu with Symbols 4:49
  Moving Symbols between Animate Projects 2:03
  Creating a Text Callout for a Symbol 5:01

VIII. Templates

  Saving a Project as a Template 4:14
  Opening a Project from a Template 4:51

IX. Digging into the Code Animate Creates

  How HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery Build Web Pages 7:34
  Working in the Code Window 6:37
  Selecting Elements with jQuery 11:30
  Showing and Hiding with jQuery 7:17
  Using jQuery to Swap Images 4:40
  Controlling the Timeline Inside of a Symbol 6:58
  Using an if() Conditional 8:44
  Using Switch to Handle Multiple Conditions 5:29

X. Publishing Your Animations

  Publishing Your Animation 6:56
  Creating a Poster Image for Your Composition 3:07
  Creating a Preloader 5:27
  Using Dreamweaver to Add Animate Compositions 10:24
  Centering an Animation on the Web Page 3:31
  Adding More than One Animate Composition to a Page 4:11
  Creating Responsive Designs 7:35

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