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Uploading Files to the Web Server

  • Once the web server has been set up within Dreamwaver, you use the Put command to upload our files to the server
  • There are 2 ways to do this
  • If I have a file open that I have just modified, I will use the Site menu to upload the file
  • You can use Site->Put or Ctrl/Cmd U
  • Since I already have the file open, that is a great method for uploading a single file at a time
  • The Files panel does a much better job if you need to upload more than one file at a time
  • Simply select the various files you wish to upload, and click the Put arrow

Uploading Files to the Web Server

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Put Files to Remote Server Function 0:08
  • Dependent Files 1:10
  • Preview in Browser 1:31
  • Use Files Panel to Upload Files 2:21
  • Summary 3:13

Transcription: Uploading Files to the Web Server

Let's take a look at uploading some files into the Web server, and then viewing them out on the Web.0000

I have my Wanderlust Travel website all set up here, and I did install and give Dreamweaver the information to connect with my Web server; now, how do I go about doing that?0008

Well, the easiest method is to just choose some files from within my Local Files panel; since this is the first time I am going to upload information, I have to be careful how I am going to do this.0021

And because I have some many files here, I don't really need to upload everything to the server; normally, if this was your first time uploading, you would want to upload everything.0035

What I am going to do is limit this to my homepage for now--so how do I do that?0047

I am going to select my homepage (which is index), and I am going to click the blue arrow that says "put"; notice, it says "Put files to the remote server"; I'll go ahead and do that.0055

Now, it is asking me about dependent files; I will say yes, since this is the first time.0071

While it is uploading those, I will give you an idea of what a dependent file is: a dependent file is a file that this page needs in order to work correctly out on the Web.0078

Let me go out into Firefox and go ahead and preview, I'll go out to Firefox; I'll plug in my Web address, and that will be; and this will be wanderlust; and let's see the file.0091

Guess what--there it is; now, because I said "upload the dependent files," my images were uploaded; my styles were uploaded; you can see, my navigation doesn't quite have all of the styles in it, so I'll have to check that out.0111

But if I scroll, even my slideshow is all set up; Dreamweaver asked me about it and knew exactly which files to upload, and my page is all set.0130

I can use the Files panel; whatever files I select within this panel--those are the files that, when I click the blue arrow, are going to go up to my Web server.0141

I can have this file open and accomplish the same thing if I go up to Site, Put; so, if the file is open in Dreamweaver, right here, I can go up to the Site menu and choose Put, and it would upload it exactly the same way.0156

What I tend to do is: if it's a single file, I will quite often have it open; I have just modified it, and then I will go in this direction.0173

If I want to upload a bunch of files, I will go ahead and select them within the Files panel and click the blue Put.0183

It is as easy as that to upload to your Web server using Dreamweaver; I had it all set up--the Web server information was there; my connection was working; so, I select the file and click the blue arrow to put it onto my server.0193

Just make sure you always go out into the browser to double-check and make sure it is looking fine once it is out on the Web.0210

That is how you upload a file to the Web server.0219