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Last reply by: Alex Moon
Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:35 AM

Post by Moise Lubin on July 21, 2012

I can find the standard normal table that you using in your lecture(below the slide?). Would any one point me to the internet link where I can download this table.

0 answers

Post by robberto pyne on February 7, 2012

he make a mistake is should be -1.65 or -1.64 please fix it i almost got confuse

Finding Values When the Probability is Known

  • Draw a picture of the curve and shade in the probability that is given in the problem.

  • Often when working backwards, find the value of the standard normal random variable that would give you the specified probability.

  • Once the standard normal random variable is found, unstandardized it.

Finding Values When the Probability is Known

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