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Creating a Numbered List

  • You create a numbered list on a page the same way as a bulleted list, using the properties panel
    • Move down to the "When traveling" line of text
    • Create a numbered list of these items
    • You can change the bullet type for numbered lists using the List Item button

Creating a Numbered List

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Formatting Content 0:20
    • Merging Multiple Lines into Paragraph
    • Inserting Header Tag
  • Create Numbered List 2:36
    • Create Ordered List

Transcription: Creating a Numbered List

We are now going to take a look at creating a numbered list from the beginning.0000

I showed you how to create a numbered list if we need it in the middle of another list; but let's create a numbered list from the beginning, because our Destinations page has need of it.0006

So, down towards the bottom of this page (and this is the destinations.html page from the chapter files or the course files), you will find a sentence that says, "When traveling, be sure to bring the following items."0020

Now, I really should organize this page a little bit beyond the bullets; so let's take a look and see if there is a way to do that.0040

Here is my Header 1; then I have my list items; and underneath the list, is there anything else that we can organize?0048

Well, it says additional destinations are too numerous to list, but these are all on individual lines; so, I should really make a decision about that.0058

I am going to put my cursor after this sentence and hit the Delete key (not the backwards Delete, but the forward Delete) and put this into a single paragraph.0069

I'll do the same thing after this sentence: so now, I have that as a single paragraph.0082

What I have is one H1 at the top of the page; it might be a good idea to make this piece a little bit more obvious.0090

You can see, we have a little list we need to put together; so what I am going to do is make this piece a Header 3.0099

Now, generally speaking, you want your headers to start at the number 1 and move down in the list, in terms of size; but since this is lower content on my page, do I really need it to be a Heading 2?0108

Well, that is a decision you need to make; but I am just going to keep it a Heading 3; otherwise, if I do a Heading 2, you can see, it becomes a bit large--especially since we don't have any styles set up yet.0124

I am going to make it and keep it a Header 3; now, I can just keep my cursor there and hit Ctrl or Command with the number; or, I can go down into the formatting here and choose one.0137

So, I'll keep it as a Heading 3; but what I want right below that is: I want to make these four items here its own numbered list.0153

It has a specific sequence I want; so what I will do is select those, and instead of choosing the regular bullets and having to change it, I am going to go over to the item right next door.0166

Now, in HTML, an unordered list means there are bullets--there is no specific order to the sequence of them; a numbered list has a specific order, so it is known as an ordered list.0179

I'll click that, and you can see, it pops it right into numbers for me--a really handy feature.0193

If I don't like those types of numbers, I can always click the list item, and I can change it to another style this way.0201

I am just going to keep it on the standard numbers; that makes sense to me; and we are all set.0211

So, we have started organizing the content on this page; you can see, it is much easier to scan and read what is going on.0217

You want to make sure, when it is on the Web--because people are reading it on a screen, you really want to get your content organized within your page.0226

That is how you can add a numbered list to a web page; it is important to keep in mind, each one of these items that goes into the list is a separate paragraph before you start, and then it is simply a matter of selecting the content and selecting the type of list you want, and you are all set.0235

That is creating a numbered list in Dreamweaver.0257