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Planning the Website Development Process

  • View this document at, developmentProcess link
  • Approximately 80-85% of website creation is planning and testing
  • A website is a project & project management concepts apply to this process
  • You need to put a lot of time into planning and mapping out your site
  • I have some tools available on my website to assist you with the planning process
  • This course does not cover the website planning process
  • The website is fully planned for this course
  • The Development Process document describes the various phases and steps involved in the website development process

Planning the Website Development Process

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Design Development process 1:24
    • Initiate Project Process
    • Site Development Process

Transcription: Planning the Website Development Process

We are going to talk now about planning out a website.0000

And when I teach a Dreamweaver course we never really discuss the preplanning that is involved in creating a website.0004

And it is something that is about 85% of the webpage creation process.0012

There is a lot of planning to be done before you ever get to Dreamweaver.0019

So, how do we go about doing that planning?0024

And I get to ask this question quite a bit and I do have some basic documents.0027

Since, I am also a web developer and I have my own clients, I had to create a few of these documents in order to work with clients myself.0031

So, I provided them for you and I am just going to give a quick overview of what is available should you wish to take a look at them at my website as far as preplanning.0040

It is such an important piece that I think it is important to get proper documentation and doing it.0053

So, first of all, in my resources area of my webpage I have an area called design and within that I am in the web design resources area.0061

So, I have planning a website available here.0074

Notice in my planning a website section, right here, I have a few documents and I want to show you one specifically.0078

And that is this one here, the design development process.0089

And if you are moving into working and creating websites you have got to understand the process, and what all the steps are to do it.0094

So, I have put together this design development process and, as I said, it is available for you on my website.0103

First of all, it is divided up into separate stages,0112

The first one is, initiate a project process, in other words, this is a basic project piece.0115

You need a project? Ok, let us start defining the project.0124

Second stage is the site development process,0129

And in the development process we are actually moving into developing the website itself.0132

So, in other words, the first piece of the process is to define what it is we want to do, and then we can move into actually developing the website to do it.0140

And, within that area, you will see different pieces to it, because this is a big stage of the planning.0151

So first of all we have the site definition and planning and all the different pieces and things to consider when you are doing this.0160

The second piece is the project plan itself, what do we plan to do, what is the timeline for do it, and all the other details involved0169

Then we move into the next piece, which is how we are all going to communicate as we move through this project.0178

Then once all that is planned out and we have documented it, what else can we do?0188

Well, we need to define our site layout and navigation so that is considered the information architecture piece,0193

we are going to figure out how we want to organize the site, what navigation we need, how we are going to get around the entire site.0201

Then once we get through those basics we need to figure out what do we want the site to look like, what is our design?0210

And, then we actually have to get down to the construction of it, which is the Dreamweaver piece.0217

So, you can see there is a quite bit of the process here before we ever get to the site construction portion.0224

Then once we have a site we have to market it, let people know it is out there.0231

And once it is out there we need to maintain it, we need to track it, make sure our users are getting what they need, we need to evaluate the content, is it being seen or not.0235

So, we can always improve upon when once it is out there.0248

But, this is a document that actually kind of spells it out for you in the various stages and steps.0251

A website is just another project so we must put some planning into it.0260

That is the website design development process.0266

and I have this documentation for you in case you wish to walk through it and just start becoming familiar with all of the things to consider before you get to the Dreamweaver phase.0270

We are focusing in this course on the Dreamweaver piece.0281

You just have to assume all the other pieces have been done prior us getting to Dreamweaver and I want you to have some kind of base or something to follow, so you have an idea of the various steps to do so.0285

So, that is the design development process and a few of the documents I have available for you on my website to assist you with that piece.0299