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Modify a Library Item

  • Let’s take a look at how to modify a library item within Dreamweaver
  • We have the copyright library item on the destinations & contact page
    • To edit a library item, select it in the Assets panel and click the pencil icon at the bottom of the panel
  • Make the edits to the library item and save the page
  • You will be prompted by Dreamweaver about whether to update the pages that use that library item
  • Be sure to choose Update Pages
  • Then open the pages that use these library items& you will see your updates applied to all the pages that contained this information
  • Dreamweaver makes modifying a library item an easy task

Modify a Library Item

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Changing a Library Item 1:07
    • Edit Library Item
    • Save and Update Library Items
  • Summary 4:17

Transcription: Modify a Library Item

We are now going to learn how to modify a library item, and you will start to see the power of a library item specifically.0000

I have a library item, and that is the copyright here, on four pages: it's on my Destinations page right now, my About Us page, my Contact Us page, and my Specials page.0009

And you can see how nice it is to have that little highlight in yellow, telling me it's a library item.0023

It makes it very easy to see what is going on and which pieces of your pages are library items.0029

What I am going to do is a Close All; I am not going to have these pages open.0036

I do tend to try and keep pages closed when I am working in library items, because I can have them open and change the library item, Dreamweaver updates the page, and I didn't remember, because I figure I didn't make any changes.0041

So, I'll close it without saving, and all of a sudden, your page does not maintain the updates.0059

So it is my preference to keep them closed.0064

Let me show you the power of a library item: what I am going to do is select it in the Assets panel (and in case you don't have that open, it's always available under Window, Assets).0067

I have Copyright selected, and I want to select based on the icon, not the name.0080

I am going to go down at the bottom of this panel, and you will see a pencil; anytime you see a + sign in Dreamweaver, it means create something new; anytime you see a pencil, it means change what you have already created.0087

I'll go down and click the pencil that says "Edit" with that library item selected; it opens it for me.0102

I don't even need to go to my Files panel at all.0110

Now, what I want to do here is add a comma and say "All rights reserved," so I'm going to do that to my library item.0114

That is a little copyright feature you can add; and I think I am actually going to place that in front of Wanderlust Travel instead of after it; so it will look like that.0126

And let me get rid of the comma at the end, and this will have a comma instead.0140

There is my updated library item for my pages.0146

Notice, I have the asterisk, just like any other page; I am going to go ahead and do a Save--now, watch what happens when I do this.0151

What Dreamweaver does is go out and evaluate, within my site files, which pages are using this library item; it shows them to me and asks me if I want to update those pages.0161

It is very important here to click "Update" if I do want them updated.0175

I'll click Update; notice, Dreamweaver examined four and updated four for me.0180

I'll go ahead and close this; I'll close the library item; let's go take a look at those pages.0188

Now, those last four pages I had open are right here; or they are also in the File, Open Recent at the very top.0194

I'll move out to Specials first; I tend to take a look at what happened; and there you can see, we now have our updated library item on that page.0203

Let me move over here, and I'll go up to the Contact Us and take a look at that library item; and guess what--they have all been updated for me.0215

Now, imagine having that library item on hundreds of pages; you can see how nice and easy this feature is.0227

I did Specials, Contact Us, About Us; what about the page that originally had the library item on it (and that is the Destinations page)?0236

I'll go ahead and open that, scroll to the bottom, and take a look: there it is, all nice and neatly updated for me.0247

That is how you can modify a library item within Dreamweaver, as long as you use the Assets panel to do it; you select the library item and click the pencil at the bottom; Dreamweaver opens it; you can make your changes.0257

When you save it, Dreamweaver prompts you to make sure you want to update all of them, and then Dreamweaver takes care of the rest.0273

This is a very handy feature built into the program; I have that Library folder--I do tend to upload that to the server myself (that is kind of one of my backup copies, so to speak, of my library items, so that if I have any trouble and I end up doing something to this particular library item, I can always download the original from the Web server).0283

But it is up to you--this Library folder does not have to be on your Web server in order for this feature to work; it works directly within Dreamweaver on your local system.0310

That is modifying a library item, and updating all the pages that use that library item with the updated information, within Dreamweaver.0322