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Find & Replace

  • The find & replace feature in Dreamweaver is very powerful
  • This interface offers various dropdowns to control which files you wish to select
  • You can also select to find or replace for both text and source code views
  • You can even modify specific tags and attributes (we will not be covering this)
  • Be sure to check the first 2 dropdown menus before you choose this option

Find & Replace

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Modifying Text Content 0:15
  • Find and Replace Feature 0:52
  • Summary 6:44

Transcription: Find & Replace

Welcome back to

I now want to show you how to work with Find and Replace within Dreamweaver.0004

It is much more powerful than most people realize; let me show you what I mean.0009

First of all, within my website files, what I am going to do is modify some things: I am going to modify text, and then I am going to modify some of the code, as well, to show you both ways to use it.0016

First of all, my text piece--I want to get rid of this secondary navigation.0032

Now, within the secondary nav piece, I also have a p tag attached to it; so, I am basically going to get rid of the tag and the text at the same time--text and source code.0039

Now, if I go ahead and hit Ctrl/Command+F when I have this selected in Design View, you can see, it just selects the text.0053

What I am going to instead is (with this selected): I am going to move into Split View; and what I want to do instead is: I want to grab the p tags on both sides.0065

What that is going to do is take my image and move it up to the top here.0078

That p tag and text is pushing my image down, so I'm going to get rid of it.0083

Now, with that selected in Code View, what I am going to do is call the Find and Replace again.0089

Now, I could go up to Edit, Find and Replace; I can get into it this way, as well, if that is easier for you.0097

What is interesting about Dreamweaver (and I really miss this in other programs) is: notice, whatever is selected before I choose this gets automatically dropped in here; that makes it much easier to work with.0105

Now, because I selected this in source code, notice: Dreamweaver says "search the source code."0122

What I am going to do is make sure that my entire current local site is selected at the top; I am going to search the source code; and when it finds this information, I am going to replace it with nothing (I want to get rid of it).0130

I am going to click Replace All; when I do that, I get this little message from Dreamweaver, and notice: this area down at the bottom pops up automatically.0149

Now, if I don't have documents open, notice: it does an automatic save for me; but I do want to replace this.0160

So, I'll go ahead and say yes; and you can see, here are the different pages.0171

Let me move into Design View and show you something else: so, I'll widen this and move up; notice, not only is my text gone, but the space for the text is now gone; and if I double-click any of these files down at the bottom of the page, you can see, if I move into Design View, every one of those has been changed.0177

That is a great feature within Dreamweaver.0203

Now, that is one way to use Dreamweaver, and the Find and Replace specifically; but what if I have a situation like this, where it is my placeholder image, and I want to replace that with some additional information?0207

What I am going to do is select that; and I'll go back into Split View.0224

Now, because I selected an image, I was able to get all of the content; so the same thing happens here.0229

If I hit Ctrl+F, I would get the dialog box (or Command+F on the Mac); if I click this, it gets me right back there, as well.0237

Now, notice, it didn't drop that information in; and that is because it is somewhat grayed-out--so let me try that one more time.0248

What I am going to do is actually select all of that; now I am going to click the green arrow here in the Search area.0257

It did not want to pop it up, which is interesting; usually it does; let me go ahead and copy this, and I'll go out to Edit, Find and Replace, and notice: when I did that, it did register it.0267

Now that I had it copied, I will paste it down here; and now, it is a matter of plugging in the exact image I want.0282

What I am going to do is go out and grab all of these placeholder images, and I am going to replace them with another image; and I am going to replace them with an images/...and I have a Chinese New Year image here that I am going to plug in.0290

Let me do chinese-new-year.jpg; and I am also going to replace the alternate text at the same time.0310

I'll go ahead and do that; this one is going to be Chinese new year, because these are the Chinese New Year decorations at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.0322

I won't populate all of that for you.0334

Replace every placeholder image within my entire site; it is going to search the source code; and let me click Replace All, and let's see what happens.0338

And look at that: every image was replaced.0351

Now, if I double-click on this side, what it does is pop that information up for me; and there it is.0355

Let me go into Design View; now, this one was open, so it took a second to register; here is my Contact Us with the new image; and I can click anywhere in this Matched Text--double-click; it pops the page open.0364

I'll move into Design; it's popping it into Code View, because I changed the code--to show me.0379

And now, all of my placeholder text has been taken care of for me in all of these files.0385

So, what Dreamweaver did was went out into the source code, in this instance, and took our source code and modified it for us.0394

You can begin to see the power of Dreamweaver and the Find and Replace feature, because it can go into text; it can go into source code; and it can go into a single document, selected documents within your Files panel, an entire folder, or--in this example--the entire website, and take care of it for us!0404

That is the Find and Replace feature in Dreamweaver.0426