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Formatting Text with CSS

  • What is CSS? It is a way to convert your page from basic text & hyperlinks to add layout & style
  • CSS stands for cascading style sheets
  • I will focus on this specific design so you can understand how to work with this design in CSS
  • CSS is created by adding coding rules to your web pages
  • As the browser reads the web page & displays it, it is CSS that changes the font, sizing, positioning, etc
  • It is how the web page is controlled
  • HTML does the content for our page, CSS positions it on the page & makes it look nice
  • In order to get the page to look how you want, we must set up rules to tell the browser what to do
  • Each browser can be a bit different about how it reads the rules
  • You do not have total control over a browser the way you have control over the paper for print projects
  • We have to decide what we can live with in terms of browser differences
  • We need to make some CSS decisions as we are transitioning this design into code
  • Those decisions affect what rules we use so it is a part of the transition process from design to code