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Image Formats for the Web

  • There are 3 main image formats for the web
  • Each one is a bit different from the other
  • These formats are gif, jpg & png
  • You determine which format you want to use for each individual image when you optimize the images
  • Gif
    • 256 colors
    • Can be animated
    • Allows transparency
    • Lossless - you can reduce file size without losing quality
  • Jpg
    • Millions of colors
    • Cannot be animated
    • Does not allow transparency
    • Lossy - to reduce file size you will always be reducing quality
  • Png
    • Designed to bring out the best of gifs & jpgs
    • There are different kinds of pngs
    • Png format does not support animation
    • Allows transparency
    • Lossless - you can reduce file size without losing quality
    • Not supported by older browsers
    • Renders quicker than gif
    • Pngs support multiple bit depths
    • Older versions of Internet Explorer (v6) did not support pngs
    • Pngs with transparency were less well supported
  • Whatever produces the best quality at the smallest image size is the format you should use
  • Personally I do not use many pngs, it may be me but I usually find them to end up larger than a gif or jpg although it may be because I am not as familiar with them because browsers did not support them for many years