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What our students are saying:


Not only did Educator.com help me get an A in my class, but also a 5 on the AP test. I’ve never seen an educational website that has everything I ever wanted. I truly learned whenever, wherever.

- Mathew J.

It saves me time!

The lecture tutorials are quick and straight to the point. I like how I can search for the exact topic I’m looking for. It saves me so much time after school!

- Tiffany B.

Pretty cool

I love the two video interface! It’s like I’m sitting down with a real tutor and seeing what they are writing down.

- Alyssa J.

It's a life saver

I really think I can finally pass Algebra this summer by watching these videos.

- Derek F.

Gives me freedom

It makes my life so much more convenient! I can now choose when I want to study which allows me to balance my extracurricular activities in school.

- Jeremy S.

Excellent Value

I’m so glad my son can get the help he needs without me having to get an expensive private tutor. Why pay $45/hour when you can have unlimited help for a whole month?

- Margaret O.


As a fellow educator, I really do love this website and its mission. The current educational system is not perfect and some students get left behind. Now, they can get the help they need whenever they need it. What easier way to equalize education across this nation than to provide everyone with the best teachers at a very affordable price? I’m recommending the site to my students, parents, and fellow colleagues.

- Nancy M.

Simply the best

There are tutoring/test prep websites and then there is Educator.com, it's in a league of its own!

- Steven S.

Thank you

Educator.com helped my daughter's math and science GPA tremendously which in turn positively influenced her SAT scores.

- Owen O.

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