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Lecture Comments (3)

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Last reply by: Arvind Ganesh
Wed Jun 4, 2014 7:40 PM

Post by Carmen Colon on March 23, 2014

How can i read better

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Post by Bharat Patel on January 20, 2013

Are there more sat words that have come often on the test

Essential SAT Vocab: Part 3

  • precursor
    • (n) a person or thing that precedes, as in job or method; forerunner
    • Connected to predecessor
    • Lightning is a common precursorto thunder.
  • consensus
    • (n) solidarity of opinion; general agreement or harmony
    • After much discussion, we finally came to the consensusthat dark chocolate was better than milk chocolate in everything except Hershey Kisses.
  • sufficient
    • (adj) adequate for the purpose; enough
    • My grandfather always taught me that each day’s trouble is sufficient; there’s no need to go looking for more because you already have enough.
  • allege
    • (v) to assert without proof
    • Connected to allegedlyand allegation
    • Robert allegesthat I ate his sandwich when he wasn’t looking, but he can’t prove a thing … as long as he doesn’t notice the crumbs on my shirt.
  • afflict
    • (v) to distress with emotional or bodily pain
    • Connected to afflictionand afflicted
    • The job of a journalist is to comfort the afflictedand afflictthe comfortable.
  • disposition
    • (n) mental outlook; characteristic attitude
  • Anna’s sweet dispositionmade her the best-liked person in the class.
  • adverse
    • (adj) unfavorable; opposing ones interests or desires
    • Connected to adversaryand adversity
    • I had an adversereaction to the medication; I began to cough violently after taking it.
    • A true friend will stand by you even in adversity.
  • charisma
    • (n) a personal magnetism that enables an individual to attract or influence people
    • Connected to charismatic
    • The salesman’s personal charismawas so great that people would believe anything he said, and buy whatever he was selling.
  • volatile
    • (adj) evaporating rapidly; tending or threatening to erupt in violence; explosive
    • Connected to volatility
    • The volatilechemicals reacted with a bang when I mixed them together.
    • His volatiletemper got him into a fight on his first day at his new school.
  • oblivious
    • (adj) unmindful or unaware; forgetful
    • Connected to oblivion
    • The magazine article was so interesting that I kept reading it, obliviousto the fact that my soup was boiling over on the stove.
  • Recommended supplementary material to view SAT questions featured in lesson answer guides: The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board.

Essential SAT Vocab: Part 3

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:11
  • Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary 0:30
    • Read!
    • Listen!
    • Talk!
  • Precursor 1:28
  • Consensus 2:03
  • Sufficient 2:42
  • Allege 3:08
  • Afflict 3:47
  • Disposition 4:20
  • Adverse 4:39
  • Charisma 5:23
  • Volatile 5:56
  • Oblivious 6:51