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Lecture Comments (2)

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Last reply by: Professor Hendershot
Fri May 24, 2013 12:12 AM

Post by Yolanda Britt on May 23, 2013

would plain old studying be better than reading books of higher vocab?

Essential SAT Vocab: Part 9

  • linguistics
    • (n) the study of language
    • Connected to linguisticand lingua franca
    • The professor of linguisticsspeaks twelve living languages and four dead ones.
  • commemorate
    • (v) to serve as a memorial of; to honor the memory of by some observance
    • Connected to commemoration and commemorative
    • The Lincoln Memorial commemorates the sixteenth president of the United States.
  • candid
    • (adj) completely honest; straightforward
    • Connected to candor
    • The violinist surprised everyone with his extremely candidremarks about what life was really like in an orchestra.
  • callous
    • (adj) emotionally hardened; unfeeling
    • Connected to callousness and calluses
    • The bully was calloustoward other students; he didn’t care how they felt when he was cruel to them.
  • brevity
    • (n) the quality or state of being brief in duration
    • Connected to breviaryand abbreviate
    • The only thing I liked about that book was its brevity; it didn’t take me long to finish reading it.
    • Brevity is the soul of wit.”
  • benign
    • (adj) kind and gentle
    • Connected to malign
    • The biopsy showed that the cyst was benign; it wasn’t dangerous, and it wasn’t cancer.
    • Elaine is a benignpresence in my life; she is always there with a kind word when I need her.
  • connoisseur
    • (n) an expert judge in an art or matters of taste
    • Connected to reconnaissance
    • Elton is a connoisseurof fine wines; he knows everything about them and always enjoys an excellent vintage.
  • anachronism
    • (n) the representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong time period
    • Connected to anachronisticand chronological
    • In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the chiming of the clock is an anachronism; there were no mechanical clocks in ancient Rome.
  • prestige
    • (n) a reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, and/or rank
    • Connected to prestigious
    • Yo-Yo Ma’s skill as a cellist has won him great prestigein the world of classical music.
  • vindictive
    • (adj) disposed to seek revenge; revengeful, spiteful
    • Connected to vindictiveness
    • In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham is a vindictivecharacter; everything she does works toward her revenge against those who have offended her.
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Essential SAT Vocab: Part 9

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:15
  • Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary 0:41
    • Read!
    • Listen!
    • Talk!
  • Linguistics 2:06
  • Commemorate 3:17
  • Candid 4:02
  • Callous 5:30
  • Brevity 6:24
  • Benign 7:16
  • Connoisseur 8:18
  • Anachronism 9:01
  • Prestige 10:41
  • Vindictive 11:20