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  • What is HIV/AIDS?
    • Definition of viral infection and disease condition
    • Transmission of HIV virus
    • Worldwide HIV prevalence; AIDS cases in U.S.
  • Pathogenicity of HIV/AIDS
    • Reverse transcription, life cycle, and immunity
  • Immunodeficiency and Opportunistic Infections
    • Opportunistic fungal diseases
    • TB and HIV co-infection
    • Kaposi sarcoma
  • HIV Prevalence in Young Adult Women from India


Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • What is HIV / AIDS?
    • HIV Can be Transmitted Through
    • Adult HIV Prevalence, 2012
    • Counts of AIDS Cases
      • Example of Disease Transmission
      • HIV Retrovirus
      • Life Cycle of HIV Virus
      • Viral Load and Immune Cell
      • Evolution of HIV/ AIDS
        • Immunodeficiency and Development of Opportunistic Infections
        • Opportunistic Infections with HIV
        • Opportunistic Fungal Disease
        • Pneumocystis Pneumonia
        • Estimated HIV Co-Infection Among Individuals Diagnosed with TB in U.S.
          • Kaposi Sarcoma
          • HIV Prevalence Among Young Adult Women in India
            • Example 1
              • Example 2
                • Intro 0:00
                • What is HIV / AIDS? 0:31
                  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus
                  • Once Infected, the Virus Will Always Be There
                  • Exception
                  • Transmitted Through Body Fluids
                  • Virus
                • HIV Can be Transmitted Through 3:13
                  • Sexual Contact, Injection Drug Use, Occupational Exposure, Pregnancy, Blood Transfusion
                  • Blood Transfusion Used to be Significant for Disease Transmission
                • Adult HIV Prevalence, 2012 4:30
                  • Africa is Highest
                  • North and South America are Also High Prevalence
                  • India
                • Counts of AIDS Cases 5:22
                • Example of Disease Transmission 7:19
                  • Males
                  • Females
                  • HIV/ AIDS Methods of Transmission
                • HIV Retrovirus 9:10
                  • Retrovirus
                  • Replicate the Virus
                • Life Cycle of HIV Virus 10:55
                  • Genome
                  • Reverse Transcription
                  • Host DNA Produces Goes Through Transcription and Translation
                  • Produce Viral RNA
                  • Importance of Figure
                • Viral Load and Immune Cell 12:45
                  • Individual Infected
                  • Plasma Virus Load Increases then Rapidly Declines
                  • CD4+ T Cell
                  • Immune System is Suppressed Enough That AIDs Develops
                • Evolution of HIV/ AIDS 15:31
                • Immunodeficiency and Development of Opportunistic Infections 17:40
                  • Herpes Simplex Virus
                  • Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus
                  • Kaposi Sarcoma and Many More
                  • Disease Emerge at Different Time Depending on Degree of Suppression
                • Opportunistic Infections with HIV 18:52
                  • Early 1900s
                  • Pneumocystis
                • Opportunistic Fungal Disease 20:15
                  • Harmless, Opportunistic Fungi
                  • Can Happen to Individuals Who are Taking Drugs to Suppress Immune System
                • Pneumocystis Pneumonia 21:13
                  • Pathogen
                  • Immunodeficient Adults
                • Estimated HIV Co-Infection Among Individuals Diagnosed with TB in U.S. 22:00
                • Kaposi Sarcoma 22:42
                  • Rare Cancer
                  • Skin Neoplasm
                  • Subtypes All Have Human Herpesvirus-8
                  • How It Looks
                  • Kaposi Sarcoma Spindle Cells
                  • How to Treat Kaposi Sarcoma
                • HIV Prevalence Among Young Adult Women in India 26:02
                • Example 1 31:24
                • Example 2 33:32