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Republicanism, The Second Great Awakening and Antebellum Reform Movements

  • Republicanism permeated all aspects of U.S. social life, such as in marriage and in motherhood.
  • The concept of republican motherhood is the idea that women had civic duty to help evolve culture of the new nation: to prepare children to be virtuous republican citizens.
  • Republicanism movement energized Protestant churches & helped fuel many important social reform movements including abolitionism.
  • The Antislavery movement grew throughout the 1800s: the creation of the American Colonization Society in 1817,
  • The Second Great Awakening, a series of religious revivals from the 1790s to 1860 that took place in the “burned over district” in NY & Cane Ridge, KY, reinvigorated Protestant Churches, especially the Methodist and Baptist Churches.

Republicanism, The Second Great Awakening and Antebellum Reform Movements

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Overview 0:51
  • A Democratic Republican Culture 1:54
    • Republican Marriages
    • Republican Motherhood
    • Raising Republican Children
    • Promoting Cultural Independence
  • Aristocratic Republicanism and Slavery 9:55
    • Necessary Evil
    • Wages-Slaves
    • Gabriel Prosser
    • Outlawed Slave Trade
  • Voting Rights Expand 14:05
  • The Antislavery Movement Early 1800s 15:06
    • Black Abolitionists
    • Haitian Revolution
    • The American Colonization Society
    • Liberia
  • Richard Allen 20:04
  • The Second Great Awakening 21:33
    • Huge Evangelized Hubs
    • Evangelic Methodist and Baptist Churches
    • Timothy Dwight and Charles Finney
  • Revival Meetings Could Last Up to a Week 23:53
  • Effects of the Second Great Awakening 26:01
    • A Fervently Protestant People
    • Academies
    • Women's Rights and Temperance Movements
    • Revivalism
    • Camp Meeting
    • Rationalism/Enlightenment (Deism)
    • Charles Grandison Finney
  • Finney and Revival 31:32
  • Other Religious Groups Arise 31:51
    • The Shakers
    • The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing
    • Utopian Society
  • The Shakers 35:27
  • Example 1 36:17
  • Example 2 38:43