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Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Knowing it well will get you that 5 on the AP Computer Science exam as well as give you a competitive edge in the tech industry. Professor Tom Quayle will teach you all about this very important programming language in his course. Although it is focused on the AP test, with tons of sample questions and a fully worked out test at the end, it is also suitable for users who are looking to learn Java from the ground up. Professor Quayle explains Java in easy to understand terms and follows up theory with plenty of actual code in a working compiler. Topics span all of Java and include Loops, Classes, Inheritance, Algorithms, and Recursion. Professor Quayle has 15+ years in the programming world, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and has worked both as a developer, manager of developers, and instructor. Downloadable code examples are also available to help users work along with the lessons.

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