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Jackson, The Removal of Native Americans and The Bank Veto

  • Jackson’s concept of democracy did not extend to the Native Americans; his sympathy was for land-hungry citizens who wanted Native American lands
  • He believed the most humane viable solution was to compel Native Americans to leave their traditional homelands & resettle west of the Mississippi , so he supported the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and ignored the court’s decision in Worcester v. Georgia when Marshall affirmed the rights of tribes to remain free from the authority of state govts
  • After the May 1838 deadline passed, when only 2,000 of 17,000 Cherokees abided by the treaty, President Martin Van Buren ordered General Winfield Scott to enforce the treaty and thousands of Native Americans moved to Indian reservations during what became known as the “Trail of Tears”
  • The removal was never complete, some tribes especially resisted removal, such as the Seminoles who fought and resisted for years
  • Jackson vetoed the second bank’s charter because of his distrust for banks or perhaps b/c of his business failure & debt as a result of the Panic of 1797

Jackson, The Removal of Native Americans and The Bank Veto

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • Overview
      • “King” Jackson and Native Americans
      • “King Jackson”
        • Attitudes Toward Native Americans
        • The “Five Civilized Tribes”
        • Tribal Map in Southeast
          • The Indian Removal Act, 1830
          • The Black Hawk War
          • Portrait of Black Hawk by Charles Bird King
            • Worcester v. Georgia in 1832
            • Jackson's Response
            • Johnson v. McIntosh in 1823
            • Indian Removal
              • Trail of Tears
                • Trail of Tears, a 1200 Mile Journey
                  • The Seminole War
                  • Osceola
                    • “The Indians and Negroes Massacre the Whites in Florida, in January 1836”
                      • Result of Removal
                      • Jackson's Bank Veto
                      • Jackson's Second Term
                      • Jackson Cartoon
                        • Jackson's Species Circular
                        • Example 1
                          • Example 2
                            • Intro 0:00
                            • Overview 0:08
                            • “King” Jackson and Native Americans 2:01
                              • Vetoed 12 Bills
                              • Abusing Power
                              • Land-Hungry Citizens
                            • “King Jackson” 4:55
                            • Attitudes Toward Native Americans 6:42
                              • White Expansion
                              • Get Rid of Indian Landholdings
                              • Indian Removal Act
                            • The “Five Civilized Tribes” 8:08
                              • Cherokees
                              • Southern Indians
                            • Tribal Map in Southeast 10:37
                            • The Indian Removal Act, 1830 11:00
                              • The Resettlement of Many Thousands of American Indians
                              • Bureau of Indian Affairs
                            • The Black Hawk War 12:01
                              • Chief Black Hawk
                              • Last Battle
                              • 70 Indian Nation to Sign Treaties
                            • Portrait of Black Hawk by Charles Bird King 13:26
                            • Worcester v. Georgia in 1832 13:55
                              • Worcester
                              • Native American Sovereignty
                              • The Rights of Tries to Remain Free from the State Government
                            • Jackson's Response 16:54
                              • Let the Court Enforce It
                              • Removal Continued
                            • Johnson v. McIntosh in 1823 17:32
                              • Illinois and Pinakeshaw
                              • Buy Land from Tribes not from Individuals
                            • Indian Removal 18:33
                            • Trail of Tears 20:07
                            • Trail of Tears, a 1200 Mile Journey 20:44
                            • The Seminole War 21:37
                              • The Seminoles of Florida
                              • The Struggle Dragged on for Years
                              • Uprising in 1835
                            • Osceola 23:24
                            • “The Indians and Negroes Massacre the Whites in Florida, in January 1836” 23:30
                            • Result of Removal 25:07
                              • Less Hospitable Lands of the Mississippi
                              • Disease or Exhaustion
                              • Alien Environment
                            • Jackson's Bank Veto 27:03
                              • Most Powerful Financial Institution in the Nation
                              • Nicholas Biddle
                              • The “Soft Money” Faction
                              • The Hard money Position
                              • Henry Clay
                              • Private Monopoly
                            • Jackson's Second Term 31:13
                              • Destroy the “Monster” Bank
                              • Attorney General Roger B. Taney
                              • Raising Interest Rates and Calling in Loans
                              • Chronically Unstable Banking System
                            • Jackson Cartoon 33:14
                            • Jackson's Species Circular 35:52
                              • Inflated Prices for Land and Various Goods
                              • Specie Circular
                              • The Panic of 1837
                            • Example 1 37:41
                            • Example 2 40:09