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School District Licensing

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The best way to increase student standardized testing scores.

While we charge a small premium for private use in order to compensate our professors for their valuable time and effort, we do, however, offer our service free of charge for school districts.

The first step towards the ultimate goal of making a 100% free website is to offer our service to school districts that are struggling to meet the national standards of excellence. Our service will improve the performance of your students in standardized tests and give them the extra confidence they need for higher education.

How does licensing work?

In order to get complete free access to, applicants representing the school must place one of our trademark logos ( on the school's website to prove the legitimacy of your application. Once we verify your institution, we will then issue a sign up code that will bypass the payment page and let all your students enroll for free.

(Magnolia Science Academy's homepage with licensing logo)

(Childersburg High School's homepage with licensing logo)

(South Amboy Public School's homepage with licensing logo)

(John Marshall High School, Los Angeles, CA 90027)

(Father Ryan High School, Nashville, TN)

Once we are approved, what happens next?

We will notify you of your accepted application and issue you a sign up code. You can then notify the students and faculty at your school to take advantage of for free! (To sign up for free, simply go to, create an account, and enter in the licensing code in the special billing box.)

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Office Hours: M–F 9AM – 6PM PST

Email us: licensing [@]

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