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The Civil War, Part 2

  • The Turning Point in 1863: the Emancipation Proclamation that was issued on January 1, 1863 changed the nature of the conflict: Union troops became agents of liberation, and ONLY slaves in Confederate states freed (not in border states).
  • The Conf. defeats @ Vicksburg & Gettysburg in 1863 also ended their prospect of winning foreign recognition & acquiring advanced weapons from the British.
  • Lincoln put Grant in charge of all Union armies & directed him to advance against all major Confed. forces simultaneously; they wanted a decisive victory before the election of 1864
  • In June 1864 the Repub. convention endorsed Lincoln’s war measures, demanded the surrender of the Confederacy, and called for a constitutional amendment to abolish slavery
  • Sherman declined to follow the Confed. army into TN after the capture of Atlanta; instead he wanted to “cut a swath through sea” that would devastate GA and score a psychological victory
  • On Sept. 2, 1864, William T. Sherman forced the surrender of Atlanta, Georgia; Sherman’s success gave Lincoln a victory in November
  • The symbolic end to the war occurred on April 9, 1865, when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia; by May the Conf. army & gov had dissolved
  • For the South, the Union armies had destroyed slavery, but the cost of victory was enormous in terms of money, resources, & lives, w/360,000 Union soldiers dead and hundreds of thousands maimed.

The Civil War, Part 2

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • Overview
      • The Road to Emancipation
      • Wilmot Proviso Map
        • Contrabands
        • Lincoln Plans to Emancipate
        • Abe Lincoln's Last Card Or Rouge-et-Noir
          • Vicksburg and Gettysburg
          • Gettysburg Address
          • The Turning Point
          • Ulysses S. Grant Charge
          • Barren Waste
          • African American Man Picks Up Skeletons
            • The Elections of 1864
            • Post-Election
            • Sherman's March
            • General William Tecumseh Sherman
              • Sherman's March Map
                • The Aftermath of Sherman's March
                • Lee's Surrender at Appomattox Court House
                • The Conquest of the South, 1861-1865
                  • Casualties and Loss
                  • The Thirteenth Amendment Passed
                  • Example 1
                    • Example 2
                      • Example 3
                        • Intro 0:00
                        • Overview 0:05
                        • The Road to Emancipation 1:50
                          • Struggle Against Slavery
                          • Contrabands
                          • First Confiscation Act in 1861
                          • Wilmot Proviso
                        • Wilmot Proviso Map 5:30
                        • Contrabands 5:49
                          • Union Lines
                          • Slavery Began to Disintegrate
                        • Lincoln Plans to Emancipate 6:34
                          • Second Confiscation
                          • Initial Draft of Emancipation
                          • Emancipation Proclamation
                          • Urged Slaves to Abstain from all Violence
                          • Freedom to Slaves!
                        • Abe Lincoln's Last Card Or Rouge-et-Noir 12:31
                        • Vicksburg and Gettysburg 14:09
                          • Vicksburg
                          • The Battle at Gettysburg
                          • Davis Supporters
                        • Gettysburg Address 17:09
                          • Dedication of the Cemetery for the Union War Dead
                          • New Birth of Freedom
                          • A War for Union and Freedom
                        • The Turning Point 20:35
                          • Own Regiments
                          • The Emancipation Proclamation
                          • White Resistance to Conscription
                          • Segregated Military
                        • Ulysses S. Grant Charge 22:04
                          • Ulysses S. Grant
                          • Fight a Modern War
                          • Union and Confederate Soldiers
                        • Barren Waste 23:52
                          • General Philip H Sheridan
                          • The Definition of Conventional Warfare
                        • African American Man Picks Up Skeletons 24:52
                        • The Elections of 1864 25:29
                          • Constitutional Amendment to Abolish Slavery
                          • National Union Party
                          • Map of the Election of 1864
                        • Post-Election 27:18
                          • Potential Invalidity of Emancipation Proclamation
                          • Legality of Abolishing Slavery
                        • Sherman's March 28:10
                          • Accelerated the Pace of Emancipation
                          • The 13th Amendment
                        • General William Tecumseh Sherman 29:00
                        • Sherman's March Map 29:12
                        • The Aftermath of Sherman's March 30:17
                          • Destruction brought by Sherman
                          • Wreak Vengeance
                          • A Manpower Shortage
                        • Lee's Surrender at Appomattox Court House 31:11
                          • Appomattox Court House
                          • Cost of Victory
                        • The Conquest of the South, 1861-1865 32:35
                        • Casualties and Loss 33:10
                          • The Lost of the South
                          • Destroyed Cities
                        • The Thirteenth Amendment Passed 34:14
                          • Jurisdiction
                          • Abolish Slavery
                        • Example 1 36:19
                        • Example 2 38:36
                        • Example 3 41:33