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1960s, The Kennedy Years and The Liberal Consensus

  • John F. Kennedy, first Catholic president, represents a “new politics” that emphasized youthful charisma, style, & personality
  • JFK’s New Frontier program: “get America moving again” via activism at home & abroad
  • He had a hard time mobilizing the public & Congressional support for the New Frontier but was successful in raising the min wage & expanding SS benefits but a conservative coalition in the South stalled most liberal initiatives
  • His presidency was preoccupied with Cold War concerns in Cuba and Vietnam.
  • The Civil Rights movement stirs as groups like SCLS, SNCC, CORE, Black Panthers, and leaders like MLK Jr. and Malcolm X mobilize and speak out against discriminatory laws and practices
  • In addition to African Americans, other groups advocate for their civil rights concerns, such as Chavez and the UFW, MAPA, AIM.
  • The Warren court was significant in that several (liberal) decisions were made that concerned a defendant’s rights and expanded civil liberties.

1960s, The Kennedy Years and The Liberal Consensus

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • Overview
      • John F. Kennedy
      • The Bay of Pigs Incident
      • Cold War and Bay of Pigs
        • JFK: Cold Warrior
        • The Civil Rights Movements Stirs
        • Freedom Rides Map
          • Notorious Police Brutality Under “Bull Connors”
            • Civil Rights Movement
              • Kennedy's Response
              • MLK Jr.'s Response
              • Civil Rights in the 1960s
              • Black Nationalism
              • Malcolm X
              • Black Power
              • Cesar Chaves, Farm Workers and Chicanos
              • Chavez, Huerta and UFW
                • MAPA, Chicano Movement, Brown Berets
                • American Indian Movement (AIM)
                • Peace Corps
                • The Liberal Warren Court
                • Beginning of Vietnam War
                • Assassination of John F. Kennedy
                • Example 1
                  • Example 2
                    • Example 3
                      • Intro 0:00
                      • Overview 0:07
                      • John F. Kennedy 1:17
                        • The New Frontier Program
                        • TV Debates
                        • First Catholic President
                        • Liberal Initiatives
                        • Bay of Pigs
                        • Funding for NASA
                        • Alan Shepard
                        • John Glenn
                      • The Bay of Pigs Incident 7:02
                        • U.S.-Cuban Relations
                        • Castro Nationalized U.S. Owned Banks
                        • CIA
                        • Surrendered Within 24 Hours of Fighting
                      • Cold War and Bay of Pigs 9:43
                      • JFK: Cold Warrior 10:06
                        • Turned to the USSR
                        • The Berlin Wall
                        • Cuban Missile Crisis
                        • Nuclear Warfare
                        • Flexible Response
                      • The Civil Rights Movements Stirs 13:58
                        • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
                        • CORE
                        • Attorney General Robert Kennedy
                        • Bull Connors
                      • Freedom Rides Map 17:41
                      • Notorious Police Brutality Under “Bull Connors” 18:36
                      • Civil Rights Movement 19:13
                      • Kennedy's Response 20:08
                        • Promise Civil Rights Legislation Banning Discrimination in Public
                        • Second Emancipation Proclamation
                      • MLK Jr.'s Response 21:49
                        • A Massive Civil Rights
                        • I Have a Dream
                      • Civil Rights in the 1960s 22:50
                        • More Radical
                        • Southern Senators
                        • Birmingham
                      • Black Nationalism 23:43
                        • Black Separatism
                        • Uncle Tom
                        • Black Muslims
                      • Malcolm X 27:43
                        • Nation Justice
                        • Hajj
                        • Pan-African Unity
                      • Black Power 30:42
                        • Stokely Carmichael
                        • Honorary Prime Minister
                        • Pan-Africanist
                        • Black Panthers
                      • Cesar Chaves, Farm Workers and Chicanos 34:04
                        • Chavez and Dolores Huerta
                        • United Farm Workers
                        • La Causa
                      • Chavez, Huerta and UFW 36:26
                      • MAPA, Chicano Movement, Brown Berets 37:19
                        • Mexican American Political Association
                        • Brown Berets
                        • Chicano
                        • Bilingual Education
                      • American Indian Movement (AIM) 39:46
                        • Red Power
                        • A Siege at Wounded Knee
                        • We Shall Remain
                      • Peace Corps 41:30
                        • Third World Countries
                        • Agency for International Development and the Alliance of Progress
                      • The Liberal Warren Court 43:14
                        • Mapp v. Ohio
                        • Gideon v. Wainwright
                        • Escobedo v. Illinois
                        • Miranda v. Arizona
                        • Engel v. Vitale
                        • Griswold v. Connecticut
                        • Baker v. Carr
                        • One Man, One Vote
                      • Beginning of Vietnam War 46:22
                        • Green Berets
                        • A Military Coup
                      • Assassination of John F. Kennedy 48:07
                        • Lee Harvey Oswald
                        • Lyndon B. Johnson
                      • Example 1 49:54
                      • Example 2 51:47
                      • Example 3 53:37