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Lyndon B. Johnson, Civil Rights, and The Vietnam War

  • During Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, there was a huge expansion of social welfare programs: civil rights, social welfare, education, housing & urban development, environment legislation
  • At the beginning of his presidency, LBJ pushed for the passage of civil rights laws & in June 1964, it become reality: the Civil Rights Act
  • After the Civil Rights Act, the next push: a voting rights act
  • Civil rights activists launched a campaign in Mississippi known as “Freedom Summer” in 1964
  • LBJ’s “War on Poverty” included a program that expanded long-established social insurance programs, welfare programs (like Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Food Stamps), Medicare, Medicaid, and public works programs
  • LBJ escalates the war and it becomes a quagmire: didn’t want to appear “soft on communism” so he supported & advocated for an US offensive
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was authorized by Congress in 1964 that allowed LBJ to “take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression”
  • Public opinion began to turn against the war in the late 60s & the television had a huge impact on negative impressions of the war
  • Activists, educators, agitators, student groups like SDS & others in the 60s and 70s who sought to implement a broad range of reforms, questioned the war, and advocated for civil rights reforms
  • Women’s liberation movement also grew, NOW, a Feminist organization, formed in 1966 that advocated for women’s rights & equality was instrumental in mobilizing women

Lyndon B. Johnson, Civil Rights, and The Vietnam War

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  1. Intro
    • Overview
      • Lyndon B. Johnson
      • 1964 Election
      • Expansion of Civil Rights Movement
      • Freedom Summer
        • March in Selma
        • Voter Registration in the South
          • Watts Riots: “Burn Baby, Burn”
          • Legislation During LBJ Years
          • Influential Books of the 1960s
            • War on Poverty
              • Legislation During LBJ Years
              • LBJ Escalates the Vietnam War
              • Operation Rolling Thunder
              • U.S. Military Personnel in S. Vietnam
                • The Anti-War Movement
                • Television War and Image of Vietnam War
                  • The New Left Movement
                  • Port Huron Statement
                  • Free Speech Movement
                  • National Organization of Women
                  • The Counterculture
                  • 1968: A Watershed Year
                  • Tet Offensive
                    • 1968
                    • Democratic Convention 1968
                      • Backlash: Conservatism
                      • Richard Nixon Elected
                        • Example 1
                          • Example 2
                            • Example 3
                              • Intro 0:00
                              • Overview 0:09
                              • Lyndon B. Johnson 1:55
                                • A Huge Expansions of Social Welfare Programs
                                • The Civil Rights Act
                                • Title VII
                              • 1964 Election 4:58
                                • Lyndon B. Johnson
                                • The Civil Rights Act
                              • Expansion of Civil Rights Movement 6:26
                                • A Voting Rights Act
                                • Freedom Summer
                                • 15 Civil Rights Workers
                                • From Selma to Montgomery
                              • Freedom Summer 7:49
                              • March in Selma 9:10
                                • Bloody Sunday
                                • The Voting Rights Act
                                • The 24th Amendment's Outlawing of the Federal Poll tax
                              • Voter Registration in the South 12:00
                              • Watts Riots: “Burn Baby, Burn” 12:40
                                • Voting Rights Act
                                • Arrested a Young Black Motorist
                              • Legislation During LBJ Years 15:03
                                • War on Poverty
                                • Long-Established Social Insurance Programs
                                • The Office of Economic Opportunity Act of 1964
                                • The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
                              • Influential Books of the 1960s 18:19
                              • War on Poverty 20:02
                              • Legislation During LBJ Years 20:43
                                • Medicare for the Elderly and Medicaid for the Poor
                                • National Endowment for the Arts
                                • The Highway Beautification Act
                                • Wartime Inflation
                                • 10% Surcharge on Income Taxes
                              • LBJ Escalates the Vietnam War 23:18
                                • A Quagmire
                                • The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
                                • The Americanization of the War
                              • Operation Rolling Thunder 25:24
                                • US Soldiers in Vietnam
                                • War of Attrition
                              • U.S. Military Personnel in S. Vietnam 26:57
                              • The Anti-War Movement 27:16
                                • Public Opinion Turn Against the War
                                • The Impact of the Television
                                • Credibility Gap
                              • Television War and Image of Vietnam War 28:50
                              • The New Left Movement 29:14
                                • Implement a Broad Range of Reforms
                                • Students for a Democratic Society
                                • Michigan
                              • Port Huron Statement 30:11
                                • Students for a Democratic Society
                                • Tom Hayden
                                • The Port Huron Statement
                              • Free Speech Movement 30:56
                                • The Selective Service System
                                • Closed Down Induction Centers
                                • Stop the Draft Week
                                • The Siege on the Pentagon
                              • National Organization of Women 33:21
                                • Betty Friedan
                                • Women's Rights and Equality
                              • The Counterculture 34:15
                                • Hippies
                                • Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan
                                • Acid Rock
                                • Woodstock
                                • Images of Woodstock
                              • 1968: A Watershed Year 37:55
                                • Tet Offensive
                                • My Lai Massacre
                                • Antiwar Platform
                              • Tet Offensive 40:03
                              • 1968 40:20
                                • MLK was Assassinated
                                • Robert F. Kennedy
                                • RFK Assassination
                                • Democratic Convention in Chicago
                              • Democratic Convention 1968 42:02
                              • Backlash: Conservatism 42:26
                                • Protest and Dissent
                                • George Wallace
                                • Silent Majority
                              • Richard Nixon Elected 43:39
                              • Example 1 44:23
                              • Example 2 46:55
                              • Example 3 49:53