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Reconstruction, Part 2

  • Republicans ruled in the South and between 1868-1871 all the s. states met the congressional stipulations & rejoined the Union
  • Southern white Republicans were called “scalawags,” (an ancient Scots-Irish term for runty, worthless animals) by Dem. ex-Confederates; white Northerners who moved to the South were called “carpetbaggers,” (self-seeking interlopers who carried all their property in cheap suitcases called carpetbags
  • Some problems with Reconstruction: Reconstruction gov’s debts mounted rapidly, and public credit collapsed; much of the spending was wasted or ended up in the pockets of state officials
  • Promises of “40 acres & a mule” were mostly broken although about 14,000 black families acquired farms. Many, however, were landless
  • Sharecropping was a distinctive labor system for cotton agriculture in which the freedmen worked as tenant farmers, exchanging
  • The undoing of Reconstruction was as much about northern acquiescence as it was about southern resistance; Dems worked hard to get the vote restored to ex-Confederates, appealing to racial solidarity & southern patriotism & attacking black suffrage as a threat to white supremacy
  • Violence and backlash against African Americans and Republicans spread throughout the South due to activities by the KKK and other white terrorist groups
  • Grant became president in 1872, but his administration was riddled with corruption and scandal, such as the Credit Mobilier Scandal
  • Reconstruction officially ends once Rutherford B. Hayes won the election and a deal was made, allowing him to be president in exchange for a promise for home rule in the South.

Reconstruction, Part 2

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • Overview
      • Women's Suffrage Denied
      • Out in the Cold
        • Republican Rule in the South
        • Martial Law in the South
          • The Republican Program
          • Republican Reconstruction
          • African Americans Take a Greater Role in Politics
          • African Americans in Government
          • The Quest of Land
          • Sharecropping
          • Violence in the South: Backlash
          • Worse Than Slavery
            • One Vote Less
              • Democratic Backlash
                • Prosecuting the KKK
                • The Undoing of Reconstruction
                • The End of Reconstruction
                • Grant Wins and Scandals Ensue
                • Depression
                • Grantism
                • The Political Crisis of 1877
                • The End of Reconstruction
                • Example 1
                  • Example 2
                    • Example 3
                      • Intro 0:00
                      • Overview 0:06
                      • Women's Suffrage Denied 1:24
                        • Women's Suffrage
                        • National Women's Suffrage Association
                        • Modern Feminist Movement
                      • Out in the Cold 3:57
                      • Republican Rule in the South 5:38
                        • Congressional Stipulations
                        • Scalawags
                        • Carpetbaggers
                      • Martial Law in the South 8:36
                      • The Republican Program 9:39
                        • Black Officeholders
                        • Modernized State Constitutions
                        • Tax Assessors and Collectors
                      • Republican Reconstruction 11:20
                        • Public Credit Collapsed
                        • Education as the Foundation
                        • New African American Churches
                      • African Americans Take a Greater Role in Politics 14:16
                        • Greater Role in Politics
                        • The Assemble will Demand Revenge
                        • Robert Brown Elliot
                      • African Americans in Government 16:15
                        • Hiram Revels
                        • Robert Smalls
                        • Blanche K. Bruce
                        • African American Majority
                      • The Quest of Land 18:00
                        • Overcome Poverty
                        • Southern Homestead Act of 1866
                        • Ex-Confederates
                      • Sharecropping 20:04
                        • Sharecropping
                        • A Lien on the Crop
                        • A Pretext for Peonage
                        • Barrow Plantation
                        • Ownership of Land after Reconstruction
                        • Devastating to Southern Agriculture
                      • Violence in the South: Backlash 25:02
                        • Counterrevolution
                        • A Threat to White Supremacy
                        • Nathan Bedford Forrest
                        • The KKK Act of 1871
                      • Worse Than Slavery 28:36
                      • One Vote Less 29:51
                      • Democratic Backlash 30:21
                      • Prosecuting the KKK 30:56
                        • The Klan
                        • Prosecuting Klansmen
                        • Democrats Overthrew Republicans Government
                      • The Undoing of Reconstruction 33:04
                        • Redeemers
                        • Massive Black Barbarism
                        • The Civil Rights Bill
                      • The End of Reconstruction 35:08
                        • Selling Their Votes for Money
                        • Refashioned Themselves as Liberals
                        • Grant Turned a Blind Eye
                      • Grant Wins and Scandals Ensue 37:11
                        • Whiskey Ring
                        • White House
                        • Credit Mobiler
                      • Depression 39:20
                        • The Bankruptcy of the Northern Pacific Railway
                        • Freedman's Savings and Trust Company
                        • Lost its Moral Claim on the Country
                      • Grantism 41:13
                        • Scandal-Ridden Administration
                        • Triumphant Foreign Tour
                      • The Political Crisis of 1877 41:46
                        • Home Rule
                        • Disputed Votes to Hayes
                        • Hayes was Inaugurated
                      • The End of Reconstruction 43:23
                        • Compromise of 1877
                        • 3 Rights-Defining Amendments
                      • Example 1 45:01
                      • Example 2 46:12
                      • Example 3 47:52