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What is Dreamweaver?

  • Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG HTML Editor (What you see is what you get)
  • Dreamweaver speeds up web page development by creating tags for you behind the scenes
  • Dreamweaver creates code for the web page as you use the interface menus or shortcuts
  • Dreamweaver allows you to view both the code and design as you build web pages through different views within the program
  • There is also a split view that allows you to see both the code and the design at the same time
  • Unlike other computer programs, Dreamweaver is limited by the web environment and HTML
  • Dreamweaver must take whatever you choose in the interface and convert it to code
  • If this is your first introduction to the web, you may be used to more control within a computer program
  • The benefit of this environment is that we can always move into code view to see exactly what is happening that might be causing an issue in the browser
  • Beginning with Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe offers both a DVD version of the program and a Creative Cloud subscription model This course uses the DVD version of Dreamweaver CS6
  • There is also a Creative Cloud version of Dreamweaver CS6 which includes updates that are not available to non-Creative Cloud CS6 users

What is Dreamweaver?

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Dreamweaver Introduction 0:07
  • Dreamweaver Interface 0:32
    • Code View
    • Design View
    • Preview in Browser
    • Adobe Products
    • Panels and Menus
  • Summary 2:31

Transcription: What is Dreamweaver?

Welcome to educator.com, this is the first lesson in Dreamweaver CS6, and what I want to talk about is what Dreamweaver is.0000

People hear that name and they have no clue what it is all about.0011

I get asked that question all the time.0015

Basically, Dreamweaver is what is known as a WYSIWYG, A What You See Is What You Get html editor that allows you to build webpages and Dreamweaver creates the information, behind the scenes, for you.0018

Here it is an example of the Dreamweaver in our face, and notice I have a design button, so you can actually see the image.0032

But, what Dreamweaver is doing behind the scenes and it is not so behind the scenes, that we cannot be with, Dreamweaver is creating all of this code as I work in the interface.0042

What is great about that is if I need to get into the code it is all available to me.0054

So, there are many people who do pure coding in Dreamweaver, never even move into this view, or you can look at your web page.0059

Dreamweaver also makes it very easy to preview in a variety of browsers.0068

Once I have a page open, I simply click on this and you could see it moved it out into the browser very quickly for me.0074

That allows me to do some testing on features that I add to my web pages right within the program.0082

Because Dreamweaver is an Adobe product, many people feel comfortable using and working in this program, because it does coordinate with a lot of the other Adobe products, automatically.0089

So, that is the Dreamweaver interface, which you are looking at here.0102

It is designed of panels and all of this panels and menus allow you to accomplish the task that you need to do in order to create web standard web sites.0107

So, Dreamweaver is the program to help you create the code you need in order for your webpages to display correctly in the browser.0120

And you can see, Dreamweaver allows you to work in multiple browsers at the same time, in either design view or you can work purely in the code, if you wish.0130

Because of that flexibility, Dreamweaver has become a very popular program for building websites.0142

That is an overview of Dreamweaver, the program, and basically what is was designed to do.0151

Dreamweaver is designed to assist you in building modern websites and whatever fashion you like, whether is design view or code view.0158

You can customize the program completely, which we will be doing, throughout the course.0169

And I think you will find Dreamweaver a great program to use for building websites.0174

So, that is an overview of what Dreamweaver is and we will get started working in all the features and get very familiar with the program, throughout this course.0181

But, that is an overview of Dreamweaver CS60191