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Period VI: International Interdependence Is Facilitated By Global Organizations

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • International Organizations Formed
    • League Of Nations
    • The United Nations
    • Evaluating The United Nations
    • International Economic Institutions
    • World Trade Organization
    • The Rise Of Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Doctors Without Borders
    • Doctors Without Borders Missions
      • Regional Trade Agreements
      • The Rise Of The Multinational Corporations
      • Environmental Organizations
      • Key Concept
      • Intro 0:00
      • International Organizations Formed 1:39
        • World War I And II
        • Shock To The System
        • What To Do Differently
        • Don't Let Germany Arm
        • Maintain Greatest Fighting Force
        • Don't Trust Russians
        • Don't Trust The Americans
        • Combined Force Of Western Nations To Deter Soviet Aggression
        • Suppress Communism
        • Russia/Soviet Union- Prevent Western Incursions
        • Don't Want WWIII
        • International Organization
        • Protracted Engagement
        • New Nations
        • Nuclear Weapons
        • International Controls
        • Chemical And Biological Weapons
        • International Agreements
        • Limits
      • League Of Nations 14:52
        • Woodrow Wilson
        • Fourteen Points
        • League Of Nations
        • The Gap In The Bridge
      • The United Nations 18:01
        • Took Over League Of Nations
        • UN Buildings In NYC
        • Security Council Room
        • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
      • Evaluating The United Nations 20:27
        • Critics Say Toothless
        • Spends Money Foolishly
        • Too Powerful & Takes Away A Country's Right Sovereignty
      • International Economic Institutions 23:36
        • World Bank And International Monetary Fund (IMF)
        • Economic Issues Drive Conflict
        • Economic Disparity
        • Trade- International Issue
        • How Would World Trade Made Fairer Among Nations
        • International Trade Agreements
      • World Trade Organization 27:13
        • Global Rules Of Trade
        • Ensure That Trade Flows As Smoothly, Predictably, And Freely
        • GATT
        • Nations Belong To WTO Based On Agreement
        • WTO Can Overrule National Policy- Loss Of Sovereignty
        • Achieve Some Kind Of Parity Among Nations So All Benefit
      • The Rise Of Non-Governmental Organizations 30:13
        • NGO
        • Non-profit
        • Globalism
      • Doctors Without Borders 32:27
        • France Sided With Biafrans
        • French Sent Doctors to Biafra As Part Of Red Cross
        • Red Cross- Complicit With Nigerian Government
        • Humanitarian Organization
        • Viola, Medecins Sans Frontieres
      • Doctors Without Borders Missions 34:44
      • Regional Trade Agreements 35:22
        • Complete Free Trade Among Members
        • Single Currency, The Euro
        • Trading Bloc
        • NAFTA
      • The Rise Of The Multinational Corporations 38:09
        • Corporations Expand
        • Economic Clout
        • Allegiance To Stockholders
        • Influence Politics
        • More Profit Outside Of US
      • Environmental Organizations 40:36
        • Greenpeace
      • Key Concept 41:28
        • The World Is Becoming More Global
        • States, Communities, And Individuals- Interdependent
        • Global Governance