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Period V: Global Migration Part II

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • The Whys Of Migration 0:22
    • Two Factors
    • The Push
    • Programs
    • Economic Reasons
    • Religious Push
    • The Pull
    • Economic= jobs
    • Religious
    • Degree Of Voluntary
  • Locating To Find Work 5:08
    • Cities
    • Manual Laborers
    • Potato Famine- Irish Died
    • Ended Up Building Railroads
    • Chinese Laborers- Rail Lines Through Sierra Mountains
    • Engineers
    • Missionaries
    • People With Skills Who Wanted To Set Up Churches, Schools, Etc.
  • Who Is Going To Do The Work Of Slaves 10:08
    • Do We Lose Demand For Sugar
    • Going To Increase
    • What Will Replace Slavery
    • Some Slavery Persist
    • Indentured Servitude
    • Contract Labor
  • 'Contract' Labor 12:30
    • Transcontinental Railroad
    • Unifying Force
    • Promitary Point, UT
    • No Chinese People In Picture
  • First Chinese Contract Laborers In Hawaii 15:19
    • Growing Sugar Cane
    • First Chinese Contractor in 1852
  • First Japanese Contract Laborers In Hawaii 16:18
    • Women Also Came To Work In Fields
    • At One Point 41% Of People Of Hawaii Were Japanese Descent
  • Indian 'Contract' Labor 18:00
    • Mauritius- Island Off East Coast Of Africa
    • Misrepresented Contract
    • Picture Of Mauritius
  • Effects Upon Original Population 19:54
    • Majority Of People Were Descendents Of Indian Contract Laborer
    • Hawaii- 41% Japanese
    • Fiji- Indians And Fijian Hostility
    • Peru- Japanese
    • Alberto Fujimori
    • Argentina- Italian People
  • Convict Labor 23:55
    • America's South
    • Reconstruction
    • Slavery Is Over
    • Blacks Had To Have A Job Or Go To Prison
  • Not All Immigrants Stayed 26:31
  • Main Concept 26:58
    • Migrants Relocated For Variety Of Reasons