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Post by Ron Schooler on February 1, 2016

The DBQ is the 2006 DBQ and not the 2002. Sorry about that error.

Period IV: Global Interactions C. 1450- C. 1750, Part IV

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • 1450-1750 Key Concepts
      • Mastering The Document Based Question
      • What Do We Do With Each Document
      • Let's Do This With Document VI
      • Planning Graphic Organizer
      • Let's Do This With Document VII
      • Let's Do This With Document VIII
      • Planning Graphic Organizer
      • DBQ: Putting It All Together
      • Planning Graphic Organizer
      • Structure Of DBQ Essay
      • Intro 0:00
      • 1450-1750 Key Concepts 0:19
      • Mastering The Document Based Question 1:26
        • Document 6
      • What Do We Do With Each Document 1:56
        • Source-Point Of View
        • Chronological Order
        • Read Carefully
        • Paraphrase
        • Summarize
        • Notations
        • Additional Document
      • Let's Do This With Document VI 4:03
        • Source: Spanish Priest
        • Missionary To The Indians
        • Might Exaggerate The Awfulness Of The Work By Indians
      • Planning Graphic Organizer 8:27
        • Social Effects: Indian Workers Are Grossly Misused
        • Economic Effects: Spread Of Silver All Over The World
      • Let's Do This With Document VII 9:42
        • Source: Chinese Court Official Who Wants To Repeal A Law That Forbids Foreign Trade
        • Confucian Scholar
        • Might Be Aligned With Merchants And Speaking For Them To Change Law
        • Social Effects: Can't Pinpoint
        • Economic Effects: Chinese Merchants Are Losing Out
      • Let's Do This With Document VIII 14:27
        • Source: English Scholar From A Debate On A Bill To Limit Indian Textile Imports
        • POV- English Scholar Knows The Harm Of Luxury Imports But Says It Should Not Be Stopped
        • Perhaps English Scholar Enjoys Luxury Goods
      • Planning Graphic Organizer 18:00
        • Social Effects: More Wealthy Have A Lot Of Luxury Goods
        • Hurtful To The English Economy In Long Run
      • DBQ: Putting It All Together 19:13
        • Discover A Thesis
      • Planning Graphic Organizer 19:38
        • Tension Between Rich And Poor
        • Poorer Classes Lose Out, Native Workers Lose Out
        • Merchants Losing Status
        • More Wealthy People Get Luxury Goods
        • England, Spain Connected
      • Structure Of DBQ Essay 21:35
        • Thesis: Social - Economic Effects Of The Flow Of Silver
        • Topic Sentence- Inflation
        • Poorer Classes Suffer
        • Could Be Tying It All Together
        • Conclusion (Restatement Of Thesis)