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Period V: Industrialization & Global Capitalism, Part V

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Variety Of Responses To Global Capitalism 0:28
    • Attempts to Change Capitalism
    • Change For The Better
    • More Stuff
    • Light
    • Communicate
    • For The Worse-Children Work
    • People In Non-Industrializing Areas
    • Elite Benefited
    • Ordinary People Suffer
  • Children Working Past 7 PM 6:32
  • Children Reporting To The Night Shift 7:24
  • What Does It All Mean 7:39
    • Some People Benefit
    • Owners Of Factories
    • Some People Have It Not So Good
    • Children Working
    • Working In The City
    • Free-For-All
    • Individualism
    • Bad With Good
    • Who's Running The Show
    • Government
    • Industrialist
    • Answers To Downsides of Industrial Capitalism
  • Reaction to Children Working 15:44
    • Welfare
    • Child Labor Laws
    • Compulsory Education
    • Playgrounds
    • Work Permits
  • Unions Form And Seek Goals 18:42
    • Combination Act of 1799 (Great Britain)
    • Repealed
    • Reenacted
  • Unions Have A Rough Start 19:53
    • Great Railway Strike
  • Alternate Visions To Capitalism 21:37
    • Utopian Socialism
    • Anarchism
    • Marxism
  • Karl Marx And Communism 24:06
    • Bourgeoisie
    • Proletariat
    • Two New Classes
    • Struggle Involves Violence
  • Meanwhile In China And the Ottoman Empire 32:34
    • Conservative Societies
  • State Sponsored Responses To Industrialization 34:11
    • Modernizing
    • Meiji Restoration In Japan
    • Self-Strengthening Movement
  • Reform Within Industrial Capitalism 37:26
    • Public Education
    • Limit Working Hours
    • Social Security System
    • Expansion Of Suffrage
  • Main Concept 41:56
    • Global Capitalism-Variety Of Responses