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Post by Elizabeth Fielder on April 28, 2015

I don't think I understand your point with the food chow arsenal.  Are you saying that such a place was inadequate to those of West, less technologically advanced (technical stagnation)? An continuing with thought that Prince Gong perhaps didn't recognize such a lack in technological development when creating this place.
Also, you mentioned that college board only needs one to know one example of the empires that collapsed.  How am I to know which one they would test me on? In other words, If I know the Qing only, how would I know of Ottoman and Russian collapse(if appeared on the exam) if chosen not be the one to know? Or are these explanations in other videos?
Thank you! I really enjoy the time and detailed well planned videos created.  (They really make you think!)Thanks again!

Period VI: Europe Domination Gives Way To New Forms Of Transregional Political Organization

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Older, Land-Based Empires Collapse 1:15
    • Ottoman
    • Russian
    • Qing
  • Why Older, Land-Based Empires Collapse 2:16
    • Internal And External Causes
  • Qing As An Example 5:58
    • Military Defeats
    • Protracted War
    • Forced To Make Concessions To Western Powers
    • Prince Gong
    • Self-Strengthening Movement
    • Technical Stagnation
    • Boxer Rebellion
    • Death Of The Emperor And Empress Dowager Cixi
    • Regional Power Centers Take Control
  • Can Old Ways Succeed In The Modern World 12:11
  • Colonies Go For Independence 16:21
    • Decolonization
    • Inevitable?
  • Some Colonies Negotiate Freedom 20:01
    • Negotiate
  • India Negotiates Independence 20:52
    • The First Indian National Congress
    • Gandhi
    • Salt March
  • Independence Through Armed Struggle 25:09
  • Vietnam Independence Through Warfare 27:33
    • Colonized By French
    • Put Down by French
    • World War II
    • Resource To Fight The War
    • Viet Ninh
    • Hanoi
  • Nationalist/Communist Forces Win Battle 31:30
    • Ho Chi Minh
    • Dien Bien Fhu
  • Vietnam Divided-North And South 32:05
  • The North Attempts To Unify 33:32
    • Slippery Slope-All Communist
  • Global Conflicts And Their Consequences 37:06
    • European Domination Losing Out
    • Transregional
    • Decolonization