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Lecture Comments (2)

0 answers

Post by Ron Schooler on February 1, 2016

Sohan, you ask a great question. What makes us think that this Chinese writer is giving us the true situation? I think it is the tone of the document. He seems straightforward and not judgmental therefore we can accept that he is describing what happened. So I think you are correct.

0 answers

Post by Sohan Mugi on January 9, 2016

Hello Professor Schooler. I just had a question about Document 5 in this DBQ lesson. Is it possible that I could say for the point of view(POV) that "Chinese writer seems to be more objective rather than being biased/having an opinion, which could possibly mean it is accurate."? Thank you.

Period IV: Global Interactions C. 1450- C. 1750, Part III

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • 1450-1750 Key Concepts 0:20
    • Globalizing Networks Of Communication And Exchange
    • New Forms Of Social Organization And Modes Of Production
    • State Consolidation And Imperial Expansion
  • Mastering The Document Based Question 1:27
    • Involves World History Themes
    • Silver Trade From Americas By Spanish
  • What Do We Do With Each Document 2:30
    • Evaluate The Source For Point Of View
    • Chronology
    • Paraphrase, Don't Quote
    • Summarize The Document
    • Make Notations
  • Let's Do This With Document III 6:37
    • Source: Chinese Court Official In A Report To The Emperor
    • Brave To Make A Criticism Of The Government
    • Economic Problems
    • Social
  • Planning Graphic Organizer 13:16
    • Farmers Are Suffering
    • Lower Crop Production
    • Lack Of Distribution
    • Inflation Hurt the Ordinary Citizen
  • Let's Do This With Document IV 15:11
    • Source: British Merchant Who Traveled To East Indies
    • POV-British Jealous
    • Might Tend To Exaggerate
    • Social- Not Much
    • Economic- Portuguese Doing Well
  • Planning Graphic Organizer 19:14
    • Portuguese Doing Well (Economic Effect)
  • Let's Do This With Document V 20:06
    • Source: Chinese Writer
    • POV- Seems To Be Objective
    • Economic- Money System Using Silver
    • Social- Farmers Are Hurt Financially
  • Planning Graphic Organizer 25:24
  • Mastering The DBQ 25:53