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Part IV: Global Interactions C. 1450- C.1750, Part V

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • 2006 DBQ- Flow Of Silver, 1550-1725
    • What Do The Clues Tell Us
      • Social And Economic Effects
      • The Introductory Paragraph States The Thesis
      • Group Documents By Thesis Parts
      • Structure Of DBQ Essay
      • First Body Paragraph
      • Second Body Paragraph
      • Structure Of DBQ Essay
        • Second Body Paragraph
        • Third Body Paragraph
        • The Conclusion- The Last Paragraph
        • Mastering The DBQ
        • Intro 0:00
        • 2006 DBQ- Flow Of Silver, 1550-1725 0:14
          • What We Have Done So Far
          • Parsed The Question
          • Set Up Graphic Organizer
          • Read Each Document
          • Analyzed Graphic Organizer For A Thesis
          • Grouping Documents
          • Topic Sentence
        • What Do The Clues Tell Us 4:50
        • Social And Economic Effects 4:57
          • Tension B/T Rich And Poor
          • Prices For Poorer Classes
          • Poor Farmers Can't Plant Crops
          • Extravagant Spending
          • Inflation
          • Deflation
          • Portuguese Benefiting
          • Poor Farmers Income Hurt By Silver
          • Mime Workers Affected
          • Luxury Goods
          • Cashflowing Out Of Europe Into Asia
        • The Introductory Paragraph States The Thesis 6:23
          • No Introductory Sentence Needed
          • Thesis- One Or Two Contiguous Sentences
          • Roadmap To The Rest Of The Essay
        • Group Documents By Thesis Parts 8:14
          • National Economies Being Damaged
          • Poor Are Hurt
          • Rich Are Hurting Economy By Spending Too Much
          • Points For Arguments
        • Structure Of DBQ Essay 9:18
          • Going To Do Conclusion
        • First Body Paragraph 11:13
          • MUST Begin Every Paragraph With Topic Sentence
          • Never Begin Paragraph With 'Document…'
          • Show Grouping
          • Use Linking Words
          • Grouping Upfront (Docs 1,2,3,4,7,8)
          • Back It Up
          • (Doc 1) Equals Use
          • Showing Understanding Of Document
          • Using The Document
          • Stating A Point Of View
          • Linking Word- 'Also'
          • Summarized
          • Giving A Point- POV
          • Another Voice=Extra Document
        • Second Body Paragraph 18:35
          • Use A Transition
        • Structure Of DBQ Essay 19:13
        • Second Body Paragraph 19:24
          • Using 'While' As Our Transition
          • Grouping Docs 1,3,5,6
          • Harmony In The Community- POV
          • Chinese Government Hording Influx Of Silver- Using
          • POV- Bravery
        • Third Body Paragraph 21:13
          • 'Although' As Transition
          • Topic Sentence- Wealthier Classes Spent Heavily
          • Linking Word- 'Also'
          • Linking Word- 'Additionally'
        • The Conclusion- The Last Paragraph 23:40
          • Show Your Stuff
          • Add Nuance
          • Don't Say Anything Against Your Thesis
          • Add What You May Have Forgotten
        • Mastering The DBQ 26:31
          • Practice, Practice, Practice