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Post by Francis Fan on April 10, 2017

where the hell is the link

Change & Continuity Over Time Essay Question Practice

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Materials Needed 0:21
  • Working With The CCOT 1:03
    • It is Historical Thinking Skills Intensive
    • Many Students Don’t' Understand the Work That Historians Did to Write the Narrative
    • Many Students Do Not Use Time to Plan Their Essays
  • What is the Benefit for You? 4:31
    • Goal is to Help You Beef Up Your Abilities in Historical Thinking Skills
    • 2014 AP World CCOT
  • The Rubric For The Essay 5:25
    • Valid Thesis
    • Addresses All Parts
    • Substantial Historical Evidence
    • Relevant World Historical Context
    • Analyzes Process Of Continuity
    • How Hard It Is To Do Each One
  • Parse the Essay Prompt 9:57
    • Analyze
    • Continuities and Changes
    • Participated in Interregional Trade
    • About 1500-1750
  • Use a Graphic Organizer to Plan the Essay 13:38
    • Continuities
    • Why Did That Happen
    • World Historical Context
    • Evidence
  • Beginning and End of the Period 15:57
    • Beginning and End
    • Evidence
  • Change Points 17:10
    • Time
    • Columbus is Key Here
    • Discovery of Large Silver Deposits
    • Demand for Sugar
    • Use of Plantation System
    • De La Casas
    • Economic Success
    • Trade Success
  • Continuities 22:45
    • European Powers Were Present
    • Native People Were Always on the Short End of the Stick
    • Latin America Produces Raw Materials and Europe Produce Finished Goods
  • Analysis 23:51
    • Because De La Casa's Plea Was Heard
    • Increase in Demand for Sugar
    • Profits Being Made Led to Competition
  • World Historical Context 25:28
    • World Trading System
    • Colonization
  • Evidence 27:21
    • Items of Trade
    • Triangular Trade
  • Next Session 28:46