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Change & Continuity Over Time Essay Question Practice, Part II

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • The Rubric For The Essay
    • Parse The Essay Prompt-ATDQ
    • Getting The Thesis Point
    • Using Our Graphic Organizer
    • Beginning, Change Points, End
    • Continuities
    • Getting The Thesis Point
    • Caveat On The Thesis
    • Double-Dipping
    • Essay Structure
    • Possible Body Organization Ideas
    • The First Paragraph- Roadmap
    • Remember What It Is About
    • Beginning, Change Points, End
    • The Body Paragraphs Must Have
    • First Body Paragraph
    • Second Body Paragraph
    • Third Body Paragraph
    • Concluding Paragraph
    • How To Get More Points On Your Essay
    • Intro 0:00
    • The Rubric For The Essay 0:26
      • Valid Thesis
      • Addressing All Parts Of Question
      • Using Evidence
      • Relevant World Historical Context
      • Analyzes Process Of Continuity
    • Parse The Essay Prompt-ATDQ 1:25
      • Understanding
      • Continuity And Changes
      • Caribbean And Latin America Participated
      • Interregional Trade
    • Getting The Thesis Point 3:08
      • Continuities, Change Points, Beginning Date And Situation, Ending Situation, Ending Date
    • Using Our Graphic Organizer 5:31
      • Beginning, End, Change Points, Continuity
    • Beginning, Change Points, End 5:54
      • In Regard To Trade
    • Continuities 6:25
      • Raw Materials
      • Sell Finished Goods
    • Getting The Thesis Point 6:58
      • Continuities: European Powers, Oppressed Native Peoples
      • Period: 1500-1750
      • Change: Little Or No Interregional Trade To Multiregional Trading
    • Caveat On The Thesis 8:09
      • Cannot Count For Any Other Points
      • Restate Thesis In Concluding Paragraph
      • Not True For Rubric
    • Double-Dipping 9:13
      • The Magic Sentence
      • The Reason Why….
      • 1 Point Analysis
      • Evidence Points
      • World Historical Context
    • Essay Structure 11:50
      • Thesis
      • Roadmap
      • First Argument
      • Second Argument
      • Third Argument
      • Concluding Paragraph
    • Possible Body Organization Ideas 13:34
      • Continuities
      • Major Changes
    • The First Paragraph- Roadmap 14:11
      • Influx Of Europeans Opened Up Interregional Trade
    • Remember What It Is About 15:14
      • Trade
    • Beginning, Change Points, End 16:09
      • De la Casas
    • The Body Paragraphs Must Have 16:44
      • Topic Sentences
      • Evidence Sentences
    • First Body Paragraph 17:38
      • Evidence Sentence: Silver Mines In Peru And Mexico
      • World Historical Context
      • Analysis Sentence
    • Second Body Paragraph 20:33
      • Topic Sentence: Sugar-Sweet Tooth
      • Evidence Sentence: Plantations
      • Analysis Sentence: Ratio Ideology Justify African Slavery
    • Third Body Paragraph 22:09
      • Topic Sentence: Indigenous Forced Labor Difficult To Maintain
      • Evidence Sentence Sentences: De La Casa
      • Analysis Sentence: Topic Sentence Contains
    • Concluding Paragraph 23:35
      • Restate Thesis In Creative Way
      • Write Something Important You forgot
      • Attach General Meaning From World History
    • How To Get More Points On Your Essay 26:31
      • Parse The Prompt
      • Plan
      • Practice