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Period III: Regional & Transregional Interactions C. 600 - C. 1450 CE

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • A New Universal Religion--Islam 0:46
    • Mohammad- Founder Of Islam
    • Religion Expands
    • Mohammad Influenced By Place
    • Trade Metropolitan
    • Mohammad's Early Life
  • The Rapid Spread Of Islam 6:09
  • Islam Today 9:29
  • Christianity Today 10:09
  • Buddhism Today 11:11
    • Confined In Asia
  • Hinduism Today 11:41
  • The Number Of People In Major Religions 12:31
  • Exchange Networks Expand 14:43
    • Mesoamerican And South America
    • Existing Trade Routes
  • Existing Trade Routes 16:35
  • Trans-Saharan Trade 17:36
    • Inter Regional Trade
  • New Trading Cities 18:47
  • Baghdad The New Abbasid Capital of Islam 19:21
    • Baghdad- Traditional Place
  • Baghdad, City of Trade And Learning 21:49
    • New Point Where Roads Cross
    • Center Of Learning- The House Of Wisdom
    • Cross-Cultural City
    • The Golden Age of Islam
  • House of Wisdom Library 29:55
  • House of Wisdom Library--Science 30:08
    • A Place Of Translation
  • Baghdad, Center For Medical Training 30:42
  • Camel Saddle 31:25
  • Caravansary 31:35
    • Inside the Caravansary
  • New Forms of Exchange 32:07
    • Hawala- Bill Of Exchange
  • Technological Advances At Sea 33:27
    • Astrolabe
    • Compass
    • Larger Vessels- Dhow, Junk
    • Junk- Translation From Chinese
  • Astrolabe From 10th Century 35:00
  • Clocks Were First Like Astrolabes 35:11
    • What You Can Learn From Astrolabes
    • Time of Prayer
  • C. 600-C. 1450 36:20
    • Regional And Transregional Interactions