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Period V: Nationalism, Revolution, & Reform Part VI

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • New Political Ideologies Spread
    • Liberalism
    • Socialism
    • The Paris Commune (1871)
    • The Paris Commune (1871) Passed Laws
    • Key Issues For Socialist
    • Communism
    • The Essence Of Marx
    • The Importance Of The French Revolution
    • Extension Of The Enlightenment-Feminism
    • Olympe de Gouges, 1748-1793
    • Declaration Of Rights, 1791
    • De Gouges Not Party Line Enough
      • Seneca Falls Convention, 1848
      • Declaration Of Sentiments, Seneca Falls
      • Bombshell Resolutions At Seneca Falls
      • Main Concept
      • Intro 0:00
      • New Political Ideologies Spread 0:27
        • Liberalism
        • Socialism
        • Communism
        • Liberalism Reaction Against Absolute Monarchism
        • Capitalism
        • Socialism From Excess Of Capitalism
      • Liberalism 3:58
        • Enlightenment Thinking
        • Govern Themselves
        • Education Is Important
        • People Should Be Free
        • Protect Rights Of People
      • Socialism 5:47
        • Early Industrial Revolution Produces Poverty
        • The New Capitalism-Wealthy, Government On Their Side
        • Greater Share In Profits
        • Alternative To Capitalist System
      • The Paris Commune (1871) 7:44
        • Franco-Prussian War
      • The Paris Commune (1871) Passed Laws 9:12
        • Separation Of Church And State
        • Remission Of Rents
        • Abolition Of Night Work In Bakeries
        • Pensions To Unmarried Companions And Children Of National Guards Killed On Active Service
        • Free Return-Workmen's Tools
        • Postponement Of Commercial Debt Obligations
        • Rights Of Employees
      • Key Issues For Socialist 13:28
        • Laissez Faire Capitalism
        • Government Power To Get Greater Share Of Industrial Profits To Workers
        • Workers Protected From Abuses Of Employers
        • Provisions Made For Workers- Injury Or Age
        • Moderates In Capitalist System
        • Radicals- Throw Out Capitalist System
      • Communism 17:06
        • Type Of Socialism
        • Karl Marx
        • Fredrick Engels
        • Communist Manifesto
      • The Essence Of Marx 18:19
        • Labor Theory Of Value
        • Series Class Struggles
        • Capitalists And Workers (Bourgeoisie And Proletariat)
        • Proletariat Will Over Come Bourgeois- Violent Revolution
        • Energize The Proletariat To Action
        • Temporary Dictatorship Of The Proletariat
        • Classless Society
        • According To Ability, According To Need
      • The Importance Of The French Revolution 23:47
        • School For Communism
        • Purity Of Thought
        • Party Must Act As One
        • Enemies Silenced
        • Bourgeois Eliminated
      • Extension Of The Enlightenment-Feminism 25:27
        • 'All Men Are Created Equal'
        • Tradition
        • Patriarchy
      • Olympe de Gouges, 1748-1793 27:07
        • Invited To Salons
      • Declaration Of Rights, 1791 28:21
        • Declarations Of The Rights Of Women And The Female Citizen
        • Mount The Scaffold, Right To Mount The Speaker's Rostrum
      • De Gouges Not Party Line Enough 30:43
      • Seneca Falls Convention, 1848 31:14
        • Reworded Declaration Of Independence
      • Declaration Of Sentiments, Seneca Falls 33:26
        • Lucritia Mott, Speaker At Convention
      • Bombshell Resolutions At Seneca Falls 34:10
        • Duty Of Women- Sacred Right To Elective Franchise
        • Monopoly Of The Pulpit
        • Securing To Woman Equal Participation With Men
      • Main Concept 36:08
        • Discontent With Monarchist- New Ideologies
        • Women's Rights