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Creating PDF's and Web Photo Galleries

  • Easy to follow steps to create PDF's and Web Galleries with custom designs, and load them directly to the web.

Creating PDF's and Web Photo Galleries

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:05
  • Creating PDF's 0:32
    • Getting Started
    • Output & Document
    • Layout & Overlays
    • Header
  • Web Photo Galleries 5:10
    • Getting Started
    • Output & Appearance
    • Create Gallery: Upload Location & Saving

Transcription: Creating PDF's and Web Photo Galleries

Welcome back to's Adobe Photoshop CS6 course.0000

We've been working in Adobe Bridge and I'm now going to show you how to create pdfs and web photo galleries directly from within Bridge.0005

Pdfs are printable, or of course email able, and the photo galleries can be directly, if you have your ftp information, loaded right straight from Bridge directly into your websites, so let's get started!0016

Under the File menu let's go to Bridge...and this is my normal workspace, my favorites, I've got this really nice gallery of jazz photos here.0033

We're going to pick jpegs out of it, and we're going to select all of them, click the first one and go Command or Control+A, select all.0045

We're going to go to the Output module in Bridge, and to get there it's either under the Window, workspace, Output...or at the end of the workspace layout you see the downward facing arrow (there's the list again) and we'll go directly to Output.0057

Right now it's set at a web gallery--we're going to go for a pdf, and here's your pdf layout.0075

What's really good about both the pdf creation and the web gallery creation is you can create a preview before you output it, and that way just pick numbers--pick whatever you want, rough it out, check the preview--if you don't like the color, don't like the size, don't like the placement, just correct it, create another preview and once you're ready, down at the bottom you click the save button, and click to view pdf after save--that way it will save it, and then it will open up Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and play it for you.0082

Alright, let's start with a template here--we're going to go...I like these as 4x5 photos, and transitions--there are no transitions at all 4x5 contact sheet, you have the option here...we're going to put it on normal A4 paper which is, in inches, 8.5x11...and the quality level in here--we'll cut that to 150 dpi at the 70 background will be white.0118

On the layout, we're going to go two columns, two rows, and auto spacing...see we're just filling in the information here.0148

Overlays, do the file name and we'll do that in...Cosmos is a particular font that I like...Cosmos, we're going to do it...let's see, these are the names so it's going to be in a light, we're going to make it a dark red...that sounds pretty good.0159

See how easy this stuff is?0180

Actually let's make this 11 number, place it on the footer, and what we'll do there is we'll also use Helvetica (this one) and we'll use 12 point black, make it just regular, align that right.0182

On the header, we'll use a header and we'll center it...text L.D.Stewart Jazz Photo Gallery...and the font here--we'll go with Cosmos again...there's my favorite Cosmos...let's go medium, 11 point, and we'll go with black.0202

The footer you can also put whatever you want--footer playback if you want on the pdf, add a watermark if you choose, insert in the text, so on and so forth, we'll leave that away for the moment.0245

You can affix as you choose, and now we're just going to go ahead and preview this thing...and there we have it!0257

And we take a look at it, and it looks pretty good, so let's go ahead and save it as E.Stewart Jazz Pics on the Desktop (spell Stewart properly) save it, it's going to create the pdf as we speak, saved it out, and then we'll open it up so we can actually see it.0266

Here is the Adobe Acrobat pdf...and notice how it named them, fit them nicely in and they look really great, so there you have...creating a pdf all ready for you to go right directly out of Bridge.0292

So let's go create a web photo gallery now.0310

I'm going to use a friend of mine's imagery, we're going to do this one and do jpegs only, which gives us a few images.0314

I selected them all by going Command or Control+A and these are the images that we're going to put up, and we're going to use a left film strip, gallery title Macedo design, fashion by Claudia Macedo, and we pick some other colors on things here...let's make the gallery size about 600 pixels, 117 with the slide there...and let's go ahead and preview this in Safari.0325

And there we have it.0368

So, as you see (we'll go back and move this out of the way) we have a left film strip layout here, there's all of our thumbnails.0370

We could also play this as a slideshow, it should give us a 7 second duration and just keep on moving...and there it goes.0379

And I see right here that the Macedo design sketches and fashion by Claudia Macedo--it looks good.0389

We could go back probably and change the sizing somewhat on that, but I'm pretty happy with that, so we're going to go ahead and close that out, and we're going to save this--see how easy this was, I mean this was really easy, and you have all sorts of templates, pick the one that you like as a flash gallery...all sorts of ways to play it.0397

I just happened to go with the light film strip--don't have a lot of time but just fill them in and away you go.0417

Now, I want to show you one more thing--at the bottom here, here's your upload location, that if you have your ftp server with username, password and the folder, it will create everything, but we're going to save this on the Desktop and I'll show you what it...we're going to call this Save Location Field Must Not Be Blank.0425

We're going to save it on the Desktop, add a new folder...Macedo Web Photo Gallery...create it, open it and now we can save it--we have a location.0464

Forgot that...and it's saving it away processing all of our images.0480

Gallery is created and let me show you on the Desktop that we should have a folder...there it is...Macedo WPG, Macedo Fashion Designs, there's the index--that HTML and there are all the resources including all of the necessary images completely created with everything you need to upload directly to a website.0488

So there you have how to create a pdf and a web photo gallery from your images in Adobe Bridge.0520