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Using Effects

  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Audio Effects
  • Creating Credits

Using Effects

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Video Effects 0:05
    • Lower 3rd & Text
    • Image Control: Brightness and Contrast
    • Glow
    • Tint
  • Audio Effects 5:14
    • AUDelay
    • AUPitch
  • Creating Credits 7:31
    • Boris: Title Crawl

Transcription: Using Effects

Hi, welcome back to This next lesson is on using effects.0000

Effects are fun. Let us start with some transitions.0005

So, in Final Cut we have all kinds of effects. It is endless what you can do.0009

So, for instance, if we want to apply an effect.0017

This is a project that has all kind of different effects applied to it already.0024

So, we can kind of take a quick little look here.0027

So, here is a lower third which is been applied on top of our interview here.0030

And to do that. Let us start from scratch here.0036

Let us put this aside and let us go to our effects menu.0041

And let us go, in this case, to text and we are going to drop in a lower third.0047

So, basically let us drop this into our viewer.0054

And once it is in the viewer we can now go to our controls.0058

Now, let us put the name of the guy. Let us just put Joe.0063

Let us give him a name of Smith.0071

Here we are. Go to the next window.0074

And let us give the name of the movie. Let us just put my epic life.0079

Now, you can see all the controls here.0087

You can change the font. You can change the size.0088

So, let us go back to video and let us just drop this on top of that footage here.0093

Let us space this out a little bit.0101

I am going to bring this over here.0105

A lot of time you have to re-render.0106

You see this red line here is your render line. It needs be rendered.0109

But, you can kind of see in first glance. Here it is on the canvas.0112

And there you can sort of look at it and go OK! I like the font. I do not like the font.0117

You can double click this now and go back to your viewer and you can, sort of, play with it a bit.0122

So, let us say you want have bigger at the bottom.0128

You can change the fonts. Let us try something like alley cat, Joe Smith.0132

Let us try a basic. Let us try Ariel Black and see what happens.0150

So, it really just depends on the style of your movie and whatever.0155

So, you can change the color. You can justify left, right.0158

So, you are going to have it rendered there.0169

So, to do that you are going to hit Command-R.0171

Now, because this is H264 footage it is going to take a while.0176

So, let us not worry about that now.0181

So, another thing you can do with effects is we can apply actual effects.0187

For instance, let us take this clip here.0195

Neah, maybe something a little more colorful here.0206

Yeah, let us go with this. So we double click that clip.0214

It is now in the viewer and we have all kinds of effects here.0217

So, it is really kind of endless what you can do here.0222

If we just wanted to go with filters.0226

If we want to play with some color correction.0229

If we want to have some image control we can. Here is darkness, brightness, contrast.0232

So, that has been applied but now we can tweak it here.0239

So, here we are. We can see it in our canvas here.0242

We can make the clip lighter, darker, more contrast.0246

If you want to get rid of a clip you can just select it and delete it.0254

We have glows. Again, to apply an effect you are just going to drag and drop.0261

Let us just see what the glow is doing these days. A little more glow on there.0270

In here we have opacity. You can see what is happening in here in our canvas.0275

You can soften the glow mix.0282

So, applying effects is fun. You can really get lost in this.0289

Let us try tint. Tint is fun.0293

You can change the color of the tint.0299

So, it is just applied to that one clip. You can change the intensity.0302

So, audio effects. Let us say we want to add an effect to the audio.0316

Let us stay with the same clip. Actually this one does not have any audio.0322

So, let us shrink down our timeline. Let us give Joe some reverb.0328

So, here we go in our effects timeline.0334

Again, we can use the drag and drop method or we can go to effects and add audio effects here.0336

Audio filters. You have different type.0347

You have the Apple selections or you can go with Final Cut Pro.0351

Let us go in there. So, let us go back over here and do the drag and drop thing.0356

So, audio filters. I am going to open up my folder here and let us drop in some reverb.0361

Actually, you know, let us go with the apple reverb.0370

Or we can even go with sort of a delay. Let us use some delay. It should be funny.0374

So, we go in here. So, here is the delay filter we just added.0386

Now, we can play with that or feedback. Let us see what that does.0395

It is kind of wacky. So, you can see there are all kinds of audio filters you can apply in here.0412

You can change the pitch. Let us see what that does.0418

Drop that in. Go to the audio mode.0430

Go to filters. Let us raise the pitch up a bit.0431

Change the smoothness. You have to render it for a second.0437

Yes, wacky. So another thing we can do is create credits.0449

Every movie or piece has credits at the end of it.0454

So, what we can do is jump over and Boris.0456

You know, Final Cut does things several different ways.0462

But I think Boris the worst plugin that comes with Final Cut is the most powerful.0465

So, let us try one from the scratch here.0471

So, here we have. Start listen our timeline.0473

Here you can see. Here is kind of an idea of what it does.0477

So, let us say we have a.0485

Move this to the side again. Let us start from scratch.0488

So, this is called Boris. It is called title crawl.0491

So, to launch this plugin you simply click it from your control panel and it prompts your window.0497

So, what is great about this is like of a client sends you a list or word document of some kind.0506

And you can basically copy and paste the credits into this window here.0510

Let me find that. I have something premade here.0516

So, here we have credits and these are just random names I suggest for exercise.0527

So, here we have a word document and we have our titles.0535

So, I am just going to hit command A, select, command copy.0541

I am going to close that for now.0547

I am just going to paste this right into this field and I am going to hit apply.0550

And before I dropped them into the timeline.0559

I am going to turn this on, the Flickr, animation style. I am going to put crawl.0563

And I am going to go back to video. Drop that in and here it is.0571

Now, let us go over to the left and to the right.0580

It is just because of my settings here. Go back to the controller.0583

And like I have this one set here. This is the one I play with.0590

Double click here and you can see all the controls here.0595

I have it on roll instead of crawl.0599

You can play with the shading, the masking and the blending on the edges here.0602

Let us go back and try to fix this one. It should be on roll.0613

Add some more blending here.0619

There we go. That is looking better.0627

So, effects are powerful. You can use all kinds of stuff in Final Cut.0631

Thanks for watching I will see you in the next lesson.0636