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Introduction to Final Cut Pro 7

  • Welcome to Final Cut Pro
  • Using the Lesson Files

Introduction to Final Cut Pro 7

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Using Lesson Files 0:08
    • Using Lesson Files
    • Course Overview

Transcription: Introduction to Final Cut Pro 7

Hello, welcome to your first lesson of Final Cut Pro.0000

So, before we get into it. Let me show you how this all works using lesson files.0005

Let me pull up a finder render here.0011

Why do not you download lesson files? They are kind of organized in this way.0012

We have Final Cut Pro lessons and there are two folders in that folder.0016

There are assets and there are project files.0020

The more you keep your projects organized and your assets, the easier it is to float your project.0023

So, in project files we have lessons 1 through 10. Here is a test folder.0028

So each folder has its own project file.0034

And the assets folder is structured in a way so we have audio, images, our renders and we have video.0039

So, we are going to be referencing from these folders to our project.0047

So, let us jump over to Final Cut.0051

Once it is opened there is a project here.0054

It is a documentary that I have been working on and it is basically about the LARPing community.0057

LARPing stands for Live Action Roleplaying and they are just different call for characters.0064

You can see all sorts of footage here.0070

We have wide shots, close-ups. We have interviews.0073

You will be able to take the footage.0077

Now, you can use your own footage if you would like and follow along.0079

Or you can use the footages that I have provided for you.0083

So, feel free to pick at it, look at it, move stuff around.0086

But there are different styles of editing and it really depends on the kind of person you are.0090

If you want to be real technical and tight you can go that route.0095

Or you can be, sort of, loose and natural, move things around, sort of feel it out. That is fine too.0099

You are going to basically learn how to decide on what dictates your story.0104

You would like to start to some music?0110

Do you want to start with a narrative story, a script?0111

Whatever it is, we are going to get in there and show you how to edit in each project.0115

We are going to build a project from scratch.0122

You are going to learn how to import the audio, the video, keep your project organized along the way.0126

We can build different sequences.0131

We have all sorts of ways we can customize your project.0134

Whether it is coloring tabs or the way you want to view things.0139

For instance, here is the project window.0143

In this folder we have our video folder.0146

And if you hold down control click.0149

And you want to view these, not as a list but as large icons.0151

You can see that you have all your footage in here.0155

You can scroll through it all. You can view them as small icons.0158

So, we are just going to get in there and sort of show you how to move these clips and audio around.0164

You are going to learn how to use the viewer slug window here.0171

Where we can sort of pre edit a clip before it goes on to the main timeline.0176

If you double-click this here you can see this piece footage here.0181

You can also edit right in the timeline.0185

Somebody would like to edit in the viewer window here.0190

So, we are going really get into it here and learn how to edit and put a story together.0194

Whether it is a feature film or just some home videos you are going to be a pro by the end of this. I guarantee you.0198

So, thanks for watching I will see you in the next lesson.0204