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Reconnecting Media

  • Reconnecting media

Reconnecting Media

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    • Reconnecting Media
    • Reconnecting Media

Transcription: Reconnecting Media

Hi, welcome back to This next lesson is on reconnecting media.0000

It has happened to many people.0006

You have all your video files in one folder.0008

You are referencing from Final Cut.0011

You make a nice project and suddenly there is footage missing. It is not linked up anymore.0013

Well, the reason for that is either it got deleted or moved.0018

So, here is how you relink the footage.0021

First of all what I did is I set up a mockup situation.0023

So, you are going on editing and all of the sudden like Oh my God! Media offline.0029

You have to reconnect the media that just does not exists.0035

So, you can batch them all at once. You can try that way.0037

Or, you can do them individually.0043

So, you can see there are several that are missing here.0046

Fortunately I basically move them out of the video folder and they are all in the same folder on another drive.0050

So, let us locate those.0057

So, when you go to your video folder open that up you have these red lines through there.0059

That means we do not have any video.0063

So, you can select these. Hold down command and try to do these all at once.0065

And then you hold down the control or you want to go to reconnect media.0076

And, basically, if you know where it is at, your big batch of media.0083

You can search or go directly to that.0088

So, in this case, I believe I put them somewhere in the educator folder.0091

Actually, no. I put them in this slides. Here is one.0103

So, usually when it finds one it finds all of them.0107

And you reconnect that way and there you go.0112

If we will undo that. Let us say you just had one clip.0117

You can also control click that clip right there by itself.0121

And go to reconnect media. You can hit locate.0127

You can also hit search if you do not know where it is and it will search your entire drive or computer.0132

And there you go. It just reconnected that one clip there.0139

So, that is a little trick there. Do not panic! You can fix it!0147

Thanks for watching on I will see you in the next lesson.0151