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Mark Teague

Mark Teague

The Interface

Slide Duration:

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
Introduction to Final Cut Pro 7

3m 27s

Using Lesson Files
Using Lesson Files
Course Overview
Getting Started

4m 7s

Getting Started
Launch Final Cut Pro
The Interface Tour
Browser Tab
Effects Tab
Viewer Tab
Canvas Tab
Setting Preferences
User Preferences
System Settings
Easy Setup
Saving Project
Saving Project
II. The Interface
The Interface

11m 29s

Learning the Interface
Browser Tab
Effects Tab
Viewer Tab
Canvas Tab & Timeline
Different Ways of Using Final Cut Pro
Pull Down Menu
Drag and Drop
Organizing Your Browser
Organizing Your Browser
Customizing Tabs
Customizing Tabs
Working With Clips

10m 45s

Editing with the Viewer Window
Editing with the Viewer Window
Viewing the Clip
Setting In and Out Point
The Timeline Tour
Adding Footage to the Timeline
Turning Your Footage Off/On and Locking
Clip Overlays & Track Heights
Quick Commands for Working in the Timeline
Video/Audio Only Clips
Video/Audio Only Clips
III. Editing in Final Cut Pro
Building the Story

25m 27s

Building the Story
Importing Clips
Decide on What Dictates Story
Importing Clips, Cont.
Moving Clips in the Timeline
Adding Tracks & Multitrack Editing
Deleting Clips
Splitting Clips with Blade Tool
Unlinking Clips
Creating Markers
Audio Adjustments
Creating Subclips
Using Effects

10m 40s

Video Effects
Lower 3rd & Text
Image Control: Brightness and Contrast
Audio Effects
Creating Credits
Boris: Title Crawl
IV. Capturing Footage & Reconnecting Media
Capturing Footage

3m 34s

Capturing Footage
Capturing Footage the Old Way
Log and Transfer
Reconnecting Media

2m 36s

Reconnecting Media
Reconnecting Media
V. Exporting & Conclusion

3m 46s

Exporting Overview
Exporting Options
Exporting QuickTime Movies
Using QuickTime Conversion
Exporting the Project

1m 29s

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The Interface

  • Learning the Interface
  • Different Ways of Using Final Cut Pro 7
  • Organizing Your Browser
  • Customizing Tabs

The Interface

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Learning the Interface 0:08
    • Browser Tab
    • Effects Tab
    • Viewer Tab
    • Canvas Tab & Timeline
  • Different Ways of Using Final Cut Pro 3:44
    • Pull Down Menu
    • Drag and Drop
  • Organizing Your Browser 7:28
    • Organizing Your Browser
  • Customizing Tabs 9:51
    • Customizing Tabs

Transcription: The Interface

Hi, welcome back to This next lesson is on the interface.0000

This is really more an in-depth view of the interface.0005

We are going to really learn the interface because it is really your best friend when you are editing.0008

Once you learn the interface magic happens. That is what I say.0014

So, let us go over here to this lesson here and let us get into it.0018

So, of course the browser is where you are going to be importing all of your elements, assets, audio, video, sequences.0024

You keep everything stored in here.0034

The more organized this window is, this browsers, this area the smoother your project goes. I guarantee you.0036

So, however you want to name your naming convention is up to you but here is a basic way I suggest.0043

A lot of people do not make a separate folder for sequences.0050

But when you get into a big production you have different sequences.0053

And it is hard to kind of dig around for those so, always make a sequence folder here.0057

And I will show you how to create bins and folders as we go.0061

So, over here to the right we have this little tab here.0065

And that is an effects tab and in there we will get into later.0068

Here is where all of your effects are kept.0071

Let us see. So, over here to the right the viewer is sort of like a pre-editor.0074

This is where you can view footage and edit footage.0080

In fact I will do a little sample here.0086

If we double-click this or if we drop footage into this, this is where you are going to create all your details.0087

You can shave off the ends of footage. You can add effects in here.0094

This is sort of what you do before you drop it into the main, the timeline.0100

So here we can manipulate the audio, the video, the motion and add filters.0104

This clip here does not have any actual video. You try one that does.0110

So, you can see here it shows the audio.0117

This tab has filters and motion where you set key frames and such.0124

So, that is the viewer. This is a very powerful window.0129

So, over here to the right we have our canvas and this is the overall.0134

It is really whatever the viewer sees. It is our final output.0141

So as you can see if I scroll here down below on the timeline.0144

Let us jump to the timeline now.0148

The timeline is basically a graphical representation of time.0149

You know we have our play head here and if we move up the timeline here.0154

You can see that the final output here is changing. It is going from scene to scene.0161

Let it play for a second here.0166

So, yeah, this is where all the editing is done.0174

And in this timeline we have all kinds of buttons and switches.0180

And we have our audio tracks down here and our video tracks up here.0187

We will get more into that as we go.0193

Over here is the tool pallet and this is where we have all of our tools.0195

Again, you can move this all over the place, however you see fit.0201

We have our audio meters, a little floating tab here.0205

This is really all you need to get it started.0209

And you just jump in and start editing a masterpiece, right?0212

So, like I said you can resize windows. You can customize tabs.0217

So, let us see. Let us go back over here.0224

So, there is different ways to edit in Final Cut Pro and I will give you a little demonstration here.0228

So, it is really like, I would say 3 to 4 ways.0235

The first way is just basically using.0241

I am going to unlock these here for now.0244

I have got the habit of locking my layers so I do not mess them up.0247

Down over here, I am going to enlarge the viewing size, the layers tracks.0252

I am going to hit this button here and we get a bigger view.0260

So, what we are going to do here is again here is our timeline.0265

We are looking at our master sample lesson here.0271

So, there is different ways to edit and there really is no right or wrong way.0275

There are just different styles in editing.0280

When I say styles I mean what we have is the pull down menu way where everything you do.0283

You are going up here and using the pull down menus to basically tell your clips what to do.0289

And how you want them to be displayed or how you want them to exist in time.0295

I kind of use a combination of everything but the pull down menus comes in handy.0304

You know, let us say we select the clip here.0309

We want to add some effects to it, we scroll down.0312

And that is one way to do. It is the slowest way.0316

But again there is no right or wrong way.0321

The other way of editing is you can use sort of like...0323

It is really menus versus keyboard shortcuts.0329

There is like button editing.0332

So, there is a lot of buttons for things.0334

For instance, let me give you an example.0336

If I drop this clip in here now I can apply whatever I want to it.0340

I can click buttons here and there to add effects.0349

If I want to add this to. Let me scroll down the timeline here.0353

I can basically add it to the timeline by hitting some of these buttons here.0358

This is the overwrite button.0364

This is the insert button and it really just depends on how you do it.0368

So, that is sort of the button style.0374

Another way to edit is you can basically drag.0378

And as I hover over this you can see -- which will get into this later -- you have other buttons you can use here.0383

So, that is sort of the drag method.0390

Another way to do it. I just sort of call it the bump and drag.0393

You just sort of grab it, drop it.0396

You can decide what track you are going to land that on here and you just get it going.0400

The reason I call it the bump and drag is because lot of times, you know.0406

I do not really care how technically shabby you are in editing.0409

For me editing is just a feeling. It is the way it feels when you are editing.0414

You are moving clips around.0418

I can even copy and paste clips like this.0423

You are always going to be playing it back like an animator or so to speak.0426

You will keep playing it and playing it till it gets just right.0430

So, it is really whatever you feel comes natural to you.0433

Like I said, I use a little bit of every technique. I will use the pull down method.0437

So, eventually you will find your own style of editing.0443

Let us go back over here.0448

So, we are organizing the browser. Let us do that really quick.0451

So, in the browser again this is sort of like your holding tank.0454

It is like your little warehouse of organization.0459

So, in the browser if you want to make a new bin.0462

One way to do it is you are hitting file, you are hitting new, bin.0467

Bins are the old terms for film and so I am editing the bins, canisters, things like that.0472

So, in this case I am just going to. I even control click.0478

When you control click things you get the little menu here.0483

You can do quick commands. It is Command-B.0486

And you could give it a name and then when you double-click that it pops out like a pop up folder.0490

And there you can keep going on and on. You can organize in here.0502

I know there are times when I have audio and in audio I have music.0505

And of course the music if it is a Wave file or an A file it has the speakers symbol.0513

But, let us say in here is my music and I have narration.0521

I can put new bin and I can hit video.0525

I might want to have another bin that is just for sound effects.0531

So, you can see the more organize I stay the quicker my project goes.0537

It is smoother, everything is organized.0540

Another thing you can do. You can double-click this.0543

You can view your bins differently.0546

So, again, bins are folders. That is where you keep everything organized.0549

So, if i control click within this folder.0553

This is where all my footage is, all my clips.0556

I can view these as small icons.0559

Some people are more visual.0564

You can view them as medium icons or you can view them as large icons.0566

It just makes it a little easier to kind of navigate.0574

You can arrange these by name or duration.0579

So, again, there is no right or wrong way.0584

It really just depends on how you like to work.0585

OK let us go back over here and customizing the tabs. Customizing the tabs is nice.0590

Again, if you are more of a visual person you might want to color code things.0601

That is kind of a nice way to go.0605

So, for instance, if I want to color code this tab.0608

I am going to control click, go to label and I will give them a green for instance.0612

You can even select all this.0620

I am going to go back to view as list in this folder.0624

And I can select all my clips and I can turn them all green.0628

So, as you can see they all turned green in the timeline.0635

Some people like to have if that clip is just narration or those are the B role shots.0639

They might want them in red or purple or whatever. So, yeah, fun stuff.0646

So this is a pretty powerful program.0654

Whether you are editing your vacation footage or you want to make a feature film.0656

It is just a powerful program that is always there for you.0662

It is always kind of evolving, you know.0668

You can do anything. You can record into the program and you can export out to all kinds of formats.0670

So, yeah, I am hoping you are going to like this program. I know you will.0681

Thanks for watching I will see you in the next lesson.0686


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