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  • Conclusion


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    • Conclusion

Transcription: Conclusion

Welcome back to

You did it! The conclusion.0003

So, you know how to get around Final Cut now.0005

It really just takes practice.0009

I know you have heard that before but you really just got to get in there and try things, experiment, bring in some footage.0011

If you have a family outing test yourself. Film a bunch of relatives together.0018

Snap it together, you know. Put it on Facebook -- whatever you got to do -- YouTube.0024

Just start editing and editing and think like an editor, you know.0028

You can always bring in the music first to get inspired.0032

You can just look at clips and start, you know.0036

As you are filming something edit it in your head.0038

This is going to go here. That is going to go there.0041

You know an experiment and make a lot of sequences and you know.0044

Drop things in, try it, take it out, move the parts and pieces around. You can really do no wrong.0047

And always, you know, do a test render. Render something out and watch it objectively.0054

Have some friends and family, watch it.0060

But in editing at something you are always going to be learning new tricks and tips along the way.0061

Just be open to anything you see. You know, watch a lot of movies.0068

Pay attention to the way a reality show is edited as opposed to a movie or a dramatic TV show.0072

But either way you cannot get around practice.0081

So, thanks again for watching at

I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks a lot.0086