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  • Exporting


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  • Intro 0:00
  • Exporting 0:05
    • Exporting Overview
    • Exporting Options
    • Exporting QuickTime Movies
    • Using QuickTime Conversion
    • Exporting the Project

Transcription: Exporting

Hi, welcome back to This next lesson is on exporting.0000

Exporting what? Your movie.0005

So, let us go and jump in here. Let us export something.0007

Now, that is really all relative to what you are trying to do.0011

Is this an export for a feature film? Is this for television?0014

Is this for the web? It really just matters on what you are doing.0019

But let us just export something for practice here.0022

So, the first thing you want to do. You render a timeline.0025

We have our masterpiece. It is all ready to go.0029

So, we first have to export from our in and out points.0033

So, right now it is just going to render out the whole piece.0036

But let us say we want a sliver of this or specific area.0041

Let us go. Let us render out the back end here.0046

So, my in and out points. I for in -- and let us do it on this clip here -- and O.0051

We are just going to render out a portion of this piece. So, it is all set.0061

So, now we are going to go to file. We are going to export.0065

Now, you have got a few options here. You can just make it as a QuickTime movie.0069

Here you can use QuickTime conversion to be very specific with your settings.0073

This is for the program soundtrack, Live Type.0078

You can just export out just the audio.0081

You can export out OMF files. It depends.0084

You can export to other programs, EDLs. It is just depends.0088

So, for now, let us just use the QuickTime movie setting.0093

So, we will have it rendered to our test folder.0100

So, here you have settings. When you use the QuickTime movie option in exporting you do not get too many.0104

Here we go. Scroll down here.0117

So, you can see there are all kinds of different settings.0119

But basically you get audio, video or audio-video only.0122

You can make movies self-contained.0127

So, you really want to pick your codec.0131

So, here you just get the basic proxies for cameras.0135

Now, if we were to go to QuickTime conversion we get a few more options.0143

Now, we could be very specific with their options.0149

The video settings, the filter, the size, the sound, fast start, all that good stuff.0153

And you can save your settings of course.0162

So, let us export just your basic QuickTime movie right out of Final Cut.0165

We are going to go with QuickTime movie. We want the audio and the video.0171

And we are going to export. Call this export test and hit save.0177

Sometimes export is really fast. It depends on the complexity of your footage.0188

Let us go take a quick look at that.0193

Here it is. Let us open it up.0206

There it is. Thanks for watching

I will see you in the next lesson0223