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Introduction to Spectroscopy


In some ways, Chemistry is the science of the invisible. There’s simply no way to see things like atoms and molecules with the naked eye—they’re just too small. So how do people know what a molecule really looks like? And how can scientists prove that a molecule is what they say it is? Structural chemistry is the science of finding ...

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Introduction to the Lewis Dot Structures

Lewis Dot Structures

  It may look like the periodic table is coming down with the chicken pox, but Lewis Dot Structures are a core part of chemistry. They bring together several important concepts about how atoms and molecules work and help you visualize important compounds, so it’s worth getting these right! Molecular Formula You’re probably pretty familiar with compounds like CO2 and ...

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Navigating the High School Math Maze

High School Math Maze

Math is confusing enough without having to deal with lots extra choices. But if you’re a highschooler, there are choices galore. IB, AP Calc, regular Calc, Precalc, Algebra II with Trig, Algebra with Honors, Math Analysis… it all starts to sound like some strange underworld maze that probably has a Minotaur waiting at the end of it. To make it ...

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