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AP Chemistry Practice Exams

Need AP Chemistry practice exam questions for the final push to get that 5? has you covered with...

Will It Dissolve?

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to play “Will it Dissolve???” Do you have what it takes to leave with a...

Gases and Pressure

Gases are one of the states of matter—but not just any state. They’re birthday-cake-fueled toddlers on a sugar high....

Electrochemistry: More Powerful than Thor!

The Norse god of Thunder (and favorite superhero of many) may shoot lightning bolts at his enemies, but if...

Redox Reactions: Oxidation and Reduction

Electrons: Couch Potatoes of the Atomic World Just like people, electrons prefer to be in low-energy states. For us,...

Introduction to the Lewis Dot Structures

It may look like the periodic table is coming down with the chicken pox, but Lewis Dot Structures are...

Introduction to Acids and Bases

  Acids and bases are one of the most important topics in all of chemistry… and also in the...

Periodic Table of Elements

[download id=”23″] Even though it’s often presented in bright colors and shiny posters, the periodic table is more like...

Atomic Orbitals

There was a time when Chemistry was kind Lewis dots formed bonds With their orbitals aligning! There was a...