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The SAT is more than just filling in the right bubbles; you also need to know how to craft a well-developed essay. Professor Rebekah Hendershot’s SAT Writing course is designed to help you master the important skills necessary to organize, plan, and write an impressive essay. Your SAT essay shows the admissions boards that you can effectively answer written prompts, organize your thoughts, and clearly communicate your ideas. She will walk you through her own essay writing process on screen in real-time and teach you how to write clear, concise, and engaging essays. Rebekah will also work with you on grammar, sentence structure, word choice, and style for the multiple choice section of the SAT Writing section. Professor Hendershot has been an editor and instructor for over 6 years, and graduated from the University of Southern California with a master’s degree in Professional Writing. Recommended supplementary material to view SAT questions featured in lesson answer guides: The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board.

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