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Working in 3D Space

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Working in 3D Space 0:05
    • Endless Possibilities
    • Prepping for 3D
    • XZY Axis, 2D, and 3D
    • Multi Views

Transcription: Working in 3D Space

Hi, welcome back to

This next lesson is on 3D space.0003

Working in 3D space is very powerful.0006

But with great power comes great responsibility. Meaning there are endless possibilities.0010

You know, once we begin animating in 3D we will learn about cameras, lights, materials. It is very complex.0017

So, for now we are just going to, basically, move some shapes around in 3D.0025

So, let us prep for 3D.0029

Here we are in After Effects.0034

So, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the right columns showing up on your timeline.0036

So, let us go ahead and let us control click over here.0042

And we are going to pull up the switches mode.0045

Now, at the end over here, we have this little cube.0049

This is what turns the layer into 3D layer, basically. It enables all the 3D options.0053

So, let us say we open up the transform triangle here and right know we just have position, scale, rotation and opacity.0059

But if we click this cube here what happens? It just adds it the XYZ axes which is nice.0068

So, now we can see the handles are applied.0075

So, that was what we got to do for prepping for 3D.0082

OK, now that we are all prepped up for 3D.0085

Let us talk about the XYZ axes and the 2D and 3D layers and how to blend those together.0089

So, here we are. We have our 3D layer. It has been turned into 3D here.0095

Now, you can see that the handle is on each element up here.0101

So, you know, the green arrow here you can see that your cursor turns into a little a white thing here.0107

And you have the red arrow here. Our X axes.0113

And we have the blue arrow. If you grab that it kind of either, pulls in or it chucks it out.0120

You can also navigate with these arrows here on an actual layer just by changing the values of the numbers.0128

You can kind of drag and pull it that way.0137

So, there is lots of options here. It is kind of, changes everything from this point on.0143

For instance, if I just wanted to, basically, move this layer further back. I am going to pull the arrow.0148

If I push into the arrow it pulls it towards me.0159

And then when you begin setting key frames then you can see the orientation here.0164

You can turn sideway. So, just for a second play with that a little bit.0168

You can turn this way, that way. It is just an amazing powerful option here.0172

So, once you start using 3D layers it is nice to have more views. So we are going to call this Multiviews.0182

So, in After Effects to access more multiviews.0191

The reason we are going to have multiviews is because once you had a camera, lights and materials.0194

You want to see around your composition.0201

So, here is what we are going to do. Where it says View 1 we are going to add two views.0205

Now, on the left side here. This view is activated by the arrows that are highlighted in the corners here.0210

So, when this is activated, then we can change this view.0218

Right now is the same as the right side here.0222

But if we want to change this to another angle, for instance.0226

We can go and just, we can go to Active camera. We can go the left side, the top side.0229

You cannot see anything in here because we do not have an actual camera recruited.0239

I just want to make sure that you know that is easy to play with 3D once you have more views.0242

Here is a custom option here. Let me zoom out a bit.0248

So, you do not have to use the active camera view.0251

So, you can just keep going and going. Two views, four views.0258

And again, this will all make sense once we have our cameras going.0262

So, that completes our discussion on 3D space.0266

I look forward to see you next time on