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Last reply by: yun wu
Mon Jul 8, 2013 8:44 PM

Post by yun wu on July 8, 2013

I like macking youtube videos on video games can u do a lesson on how to make a good intro

The Design of After Effects

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Modular Designs 0:10
    • Compositions
    • Layers
    • Effects
    • 3D
    • Rendering

Transcription: The Design of After Effects

Hi, welcome back to This next lesson is on the design of After Effects.0000

After Effects is built on five components - what they call modular.0011

So, this first modular would be compositions.0018

In compositions, let me open up a project here.0027

Compositions are like containers in which all the layers are kept.0034

Here we could have a composition. This is the composition window.0041

And in the composition window, next to that, we have the project window.0047

In the composition window, down below, we have all the layers that are in the composition.0051

We have all their different modules and switches. They all, kind of, work together.0058

Another component we have here, in the modular design, would be the layers.0068

The layers here, similar to Photoshop layers. Each lawyer has its own set of properties when you open them up.0078

You can see that they have different values that you can set here. They have the anchor point, position, scale, rotation and opacity.0087

Another component of After Effects, of course, are the effects.0102

Each layer not only has values set up.0110

But you can alternate in transform. You can also add effects to each lawyer.0117

So, for instance this layer here. The letter Sweet has a drop shadow applied to it which you can turn on or off.0123

Another module would be 3D.0135

After Effects has the ability to transform a layer into a 3D layer.0143

We get cameras and move through objects. We can create different paths for the cameras.0149

The 3D portion of After Effects is very powerful.0155

You will be using that for all kind of stuff like titles, tracking information, moving through objects. Very powerful.0159

The other module of After Effects is of course rendering.0172

Once we are in After Effects we want to render out a movie to little format or codec.0175

We could render the movie out into QuickTime, like I said, or an MPEG or pretty much any type you can dream up. After Effects can put out.0182

So, if you look at our list here. You have compositions, layers, effects, 3D and rendering.0201

Let us check that off.0213

Thank you for watching I look forward to our next lesson.0218