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  • Intro 0:00
  • Organization 0:05
    • Folder Structure

Transcription: Organization

Hi, welcome back to Next lesson is on organization.0000

So, everything is about the folder structure.0008

You have to think of After Effects as when you start creating animations or movies.0010

When it is referencing from something it needs to reference from like a home base.0016

So, once you start bringing in the files, you want to, sort of, keep them in there.0020

Because, if you move a file it needs to be relinked and After Effects is like hey, where to go?0026

So, let me show you a quick example here.0031

For instance, here is a screen capture of a folder and we will get into the actual folder.0033

But, you can kind of see like here is the project we have been working on here.0041

And then within that folder there is the actual projects, elements client renders and it, kind of, breaks down.0045

So, the actual folder itself here. Turn this off.0052

If we go to our Finder we have within this project here.0061

So, here is actual break down here.0072

Here is our main folder and in that folder we have.0076

One would be our After Effects projects and here is the project we are working on here.0081

Two would be are elements and in our elements folder we would have our art, basically our work, JPEGs.0088

Anything that is referencing can be considered as our work.0097

An audio, audio projects. And in video we have, pre rendered movies.0102

So, three is important because you never know where the client.0110

When you have to reference something they might send reference, they might send you sketches or sample.0113

Of course, there is going to be revisions.0120

And four is your overall renders and then I make another folder in there called Test renders.0125

So, that is kind of the way I keep things organized there.0132

The more you practice that, the easier project will flow. I guarantee you.0137

So, thank you for watching I will see you on next lesson.0142