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Settings Preferences

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Settings Preferences 0:05
    • Knowing Your System
    • Preferences Tour
    • Help Menu

Transcription: Settings Preferences

Hi, welcome back to

This next lesson is on settings and preferences.0003

It is good to know your system.0007

Whether you are on a Mac or a PC it is good to know the type of computer you are using.0009

The type of processor you are using before you set all the preferences in After Effects.0013

So, let us take a tour of the preferences. Jump over to After Effects.0019

So, as you go up here under After Effects.0024

File menu you want to go to, preferences and general.0028

What that does is it pops up your preferences window and we will go through all these but start with general.0032

So, you have levels of undo. I think that is sort of the default setting.0041

You can set it for 10, set it for 50.0046

Basically, you are going to go back.0048

Like in Photoshop, you have multiple levels.0050

You never know when that comes in handy.0053

You are want a backtrack.0056

Tool tips I usually leave check and you have all these different preferences here.0058

Most of these are the default preferences.0066

Under previews I leave OpenGL on.0068

Again, this depends on your type of computer here0074

Audio preview, I have it for 30 seconds display.0077

We have import. Like, for instance, if you are importing a still of our work or a photograph.0086

You can set the length that each one will import to, the default setting, output settings, and grids.0096

You can change the color of your grids.0105

I usually leave a lot of this stuff on the default settings.0107

Labels could change these colors if you would like. But, again, I leave this set to default.0110

This is where you can select your folder if you are cash to export to Peter previews.0117

If you have a second monitor, you can set that up here.0123

Appearance. Basically here if you want your interface to be lighter or darker.0129

Default settings are right about there.0137

Autosave. I am compulsive saver, so I do not usually check autosave but you can.0140

Memory and processing. Again that depends on your type of computer.0147

Audio hardware. You can set your references here.0152

Whether you might have an m-audio system or some type of external audio device.0158

You can set up here automatically with your speakers.0163

So, the other thing we got here is very helpful as the help menu.0172

In After Effects this is pretty helpful here, the help menu.0176

If you really want to some specific questions answered you just type in your computer, your question and it is all there.0181

So, that concludes this lesson.0190

Thank for watching I look forward to our next lesson.0193