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What's New in Sibelius 7

  • Introduction & What’s New in Sibelius 7
  • Sibelius:
    • Sibelius is a score-writing program, created by Sibelius Software, which is now part of AVID technology.
    • As of today, Sibelius is the most widely used notation software in the world such as U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, and more.
    • Sibelius claims to be the world’s best-selling notation software among composers, arrangers, performers, music publishers, teachers, and students
    • The program gets its name from one of the most known late Romantic period composers, Jean Sibelius from Finland.
  • About Installation:
    • First you should insert Sibelius 7 installer CD and choose the preferred language under install disc menu.
    • After selecting the language, You need to choose “Install Sibelius 7” at the top of the menu choices to start your installation. You can simply follow the directions to complete installing the program.
    • When the installation completed you need to also install Sibelius 7 sounds. Sibelius 7 sounds come with total of 3 content discs in addition to your Sibelius 7 installer disc in its package.
    • You can click on “Install Sibelius 7 Sounds” and insert the first content disc. Follow instructions along and insert the 2nd and finally 3rd CD to complete all the installation when instructed. This may take some time to complete as Sibelius 7 comes with large library of sounds.
    • You also need to install all the other add-ons features such as; Photo Score lite, Audio Score lite and Scorch from your installer disc.
  • What’s new in Sibelius 7:
    • Sibelius 7 features a brand new task oriented user interface.
    • The ribbon up above the score view holds the menu tabs instead of the drop down menu buttons.
    • New Sound library, which features amazing, sounds,
    • S7 now has a very powerful text features,
    • Full Music XML import & export supports.
    • S7 also have features of music scanning software by Photo Score Lite & input music via microphone thru Audio Score Lite.
    • S7 is fully 64bit application meaning it takes advantage of all the memory you have in your computer.
  • Tool Bar & Menu:
    • Toolbar & menu buttons on S7 now have been replaced at the top of the window called the Ribbon.
    • Ribbon has a Microsoft Office Application a like tab options on your main screen.
    • Every feature of the program has been organized in 10 tabs, plus the special file tab.
    • File Tab, contains the options, which used to be under the file menu. Score Info dialog is now under info page in the file tab.
    • On Sibelius 7 you can now print preview your scores. It also allows you to print your scores on both sides of the paper.
    • You can export your scores directly as XML & PDF files.

What's New in Sibelius 7

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:12
  • Sibelius Overview 0:37
    • What's New in Sibelius 7
    • What is Sibelius
  • Installation 4:50
    • Step 1
    • Step 2
    • Step 3
    • Step 4
    • Step 5
  • What's New in Sibelius 7 7:19
    • The Ribbon
    • New Sound Library
    • Text Features
    • Full Music XML Import and Export Supports
    • Music Scanning Software & Input Music
  • Tool Bar & Menu 9:22
    • Tool Bar & Menu
    • File Tab: Info
    • File Tab: Recent
    • File Tab: Print
    • File Tab: Export
    • File Tab: Teaching
    • File Tab: Help
    • Final Note