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Entering Text

  • Text Format Group: Under the Text Tab you can find “Text Formatting Group” which gives you local controls of basic text style elements.
  • Text Font & Styles: If you select a text on your score, you could view text style on the text tab, and you could make local changes to the text info on your scores.
  • Edit Text Styles: You can get to it by the little “dialog launcher icon” on “Styles” Group.
  • System Text Style:
    • Font: It gives us the general properties
    • Border: It allows us to set a visual border around the text
    • Indents: It give us an option to set paragraph indentations
    • Repeat: It allows you to adjust settings for any text style that repeats on multiple pages in your score
    • Create Menu: You can right click or control click on a background to get to it.
    • Staff Text: Any text that you would insert on a single text on a score
    • System Text Styles: They may appear at the top of you score page or another vertical location
    • Blank Page Text: It is a list of text style that you would only use on blank pages on your scores without staves or instruments.
    • Special Text: It’s a mixture of both system and text styles. These are more advanced text styles
  • Entering Lyrics: You can simply select the first note where your lyrics begin. You can go to the “text” tab; under the “Lyrics” group you can select “ Lyrics Line” which is main lyric text style
  • Entering Expressions: In a similar way of entering lyrics, you can simply add expression marks to your score.
  • Tempo Text: You can simply select the very first bar of you score, right click and scroll down to the text menu and choose the “Tempo” text under that menu.
  • Metronome Mark: you can find the metronome mark under “styles” group. You can right click to get the subdivision
  • Repeat Text: You can simply select a bar and double bar line and it will turn purple
  • Interpret During Playback: If you want all you text marks to be played back properly, you would need to check “IDP” under “edit text styles”, scroll down to click on “Tempo” and click on “Edit”.

Entering Text

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:07
  • Entering Text 0:29
    • Text Format Group
    • Text Font & Styles and Edit Text Styles
    • System Text Style Overview
    • System Text Style: Font
    • System Text Style: Border
    • System Text Style: Indents
    • Repeat
    • Create Menu
    • Staff Text
    • System Text Styles
    • Blank Page Text
    • Special Text
  • Entering Lyrics 11:40
    • Entering Lyrics
  • Entering Expression 14:05
    • Entering Expression
  • Entering Tempo Text 16:18
    • Entering Tempo Text
  • Entering Metronome Mark 17:43
    • Entering Metronome Mark
  • Entering Repeat Text 19:33
    • Entering Repeat Text
  • Interpret During Playback 22:10
    • Interpret During Playback